We as human beings with the ability to converse and build relationships often tend to forget the power of connection and communication.

“The world is such a small place,” are words often thrown around when we meet somebody with a mutual connection. As a matter of fact, mutual connections are how we expand our presence in society and build alliances.

But why is it important to build alliances and relationships with people?
Networking and making alliances is not just about exchanging information. While the hot term “networking” is in trend, the process of building mutually benefitting relationships have been in use for a long time now. Most people assume networking is important for a better career opportunity or to create a business transaction, however more often than not, people tend to forget that powerful alliances contribute to a better society.

Microsoft Inspire is an annual tech event that brings close to forty thousand people together from the industry. Forty thousand people get to cross paths with a diverse network of people and businesses from the world of technology sharing their knowledge and turning it into action. Events like Inspire make people noticeable. A sense of belonging in society is created with people who share a similar thought process as the one you might share. People often go home with a different thought process and higher creative intellect. A major boost in self-confidence and status through support from other people is also a healthy consequence of these events.

Although the benefits sound very cliché, all these traits promote people to think differently and create an impact that is bigger than them.

Kristen Miller’s college dreams were ruined by Computer Science 101 during her time at the University of Illinois. While throughout college she maintained a 4.0 GPA as a psychology major, a “C” broke her streak. To this day she says, “I could not differentiate between magicians and technologists! I found it extremely difficult to understand the essence of technology.”

Today, however, Miller is a leader in the tech world as a CEO of Stylyze, a Seattle-based software-as-a-service startup focused on the home décor and interior design industries. Kristen Miller’s entrepreneurial journey dates back to her college days and she has found four companies since then including Stylyze.

What changed for Miller? She found her belonging. While one might hate or love something, it becomes important to find the right place to grow. Networking is important, but networking with the right people to find an ideal place for your growth is the key.
Kristen discovered Women in Cloud and realized that is where she can grow and overcome her bitter relationship with technology to build one of Seattle’s most successful startups as a psychology major!

Women in Cloud leaders made it their purpose to reposition themselves and help Kristen and everybody else who joins the community, as individuals who are not just building cloud businesses but contributing to an inclusive economy to create a billion-dollar impact all over the world.

A sense of belonging brings to light a purpose that is bigger than just you. While building power alliances are important for personal and professional growth, it is essential that you find the right fit for you. 7 billion people will not be impacted if you build alliances and network with 100 people. But you might just impact 1000 lives if you meet one right person. That is the secret people often tend to ignore.

Therefore, find your network and find people you belong with. Look for people who inspire you and who share an idea that is similar to yours and yet, who tend to take you out of your comfort zone. Because you just might find your purpose to make your society a better place than when you found it.

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