Welcome to World-Class B2B Founder Coaching Program With Accenture Business Leaders

Women in Cloud (WIC) and Accenture have joined forces to deliver a groundbreaking B2B coaching program designed specifically for women tech founders. This world-class program aims to help female entrepreneurs break into enterprise opportunities and accelerate their growth in the industry.  The program targets B2B tech female founders with a minimum of 2 years in business and at least one successful pilot. Eligible participants must have a SaaS tech solution built on Cloud Hyperscaler infrastructure such as Microsoft Cloud, AWS, or Google Cloud. Plus open to investing in Cosell-led GTM activities to capture market share with Accenture and others.

Over six months, participants will commit 14 hours to the program, including 4 hours in meetings and 10+ hours in coaching sessions. They will lead the scheduling of meetings and maintain ongoing communication with Accenture business leaders.