Welcome to #WICxAnnualTour 2024: Uniting Cloud and AI Leadership for Global Equity

This year Women in Cloud is taking their Annual Summit on tour. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey at the #WICxAnnualTour 2024, where the power of collective contribution takes center stage.

This year’s theme, “Collective Contribution,” reflects a dynamic shift toward creating a more inclusive and equitable technology industry by uniting Cloud and AI leadership for global equity. As the anticipation builds, attendees can expect achieve clarity on their life and career roadmap, get motivated to lead BOLD initiatives and get access to build a strategic network to grow their business and career. We will enable these communities through Vision/Strategy roadmap development, Thought-provoking & action-oriented experiences and Ask the Experts that delve into the myriad ways our shared impact can pave the way for positive change. With a focus on collaboration, empowerment, and innovative solutions, the annual tour promises to be a catalyst
for meaningful life and career transformation.