An industry as diverse as technology demands you to be up-to-date with everything. Technology does not fall prey to time and neither do the people who run the industry. Although it may seem futile, it is an essential task to always keep up with every new development. 

Technology is the definition of change. Every change in the industry is driven by the market. Customers are introduced to a piece of technology which then becomes an integral part of their daily life. It is, therefore, crucial to understand the market as well as the technology that will be the future of the industry. An industry which is diverse and dynamic can be overwhelming and it does have the tendency to throw people off guard and make them wonder, ‘How does one keep up with tech, where nothing stays the same?’ Trends and patterns are the answer. 

Technical skills often help build the base of the business. To enhance your technical skills and help your business grow into the future market, always keep one foot in the future. DARQ is the future of our industry according to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2019 reports. These are Distributed Ledger Technology (such as blockchain), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (including virtual and augmented reality), and Quantum Computing. Cloud Computing is another major player that is often forgotten. 

The business angle of the tech industry demands you to enhance your communication skills, planning, and financial management techniques. Due to a lack of ideas to incorporate passion into practical business skills in the industry, half the tech enterprises fail before they begin to make their mark. 

Leadership is an extension of business skills. A business leader is a friend, mentor and an employee of a company who are equipped with skill sets to drive change in their field. An employee often encounters executives who extract every ounce of work possible from them and leaves them with nothing to learn. While this may be profitable, this isn’t leadership.

There is no one skill set that is the key to creating the next Microsoft or Amazon. In fact, we are at a point in time where businesses need to focus on sustainable growth rather than just personal or monetary growth.

As a leader, one should often question their authority and learn to differentiate themselves from everybody at the table. It also becomes crucial to ensure contributions to the growth of employees and society at the same time. But how does one strike a balance between switching so many hats? The answer is always the same; Education & Skill Building, Community Building, and Economic Development. 

Women in Cloud is a community that strives to bring these three crucial elements together to ensure the overall growth of an individual as well as society. Women In Cloud focuses on bringing together and nurturing women leaders in tech who contribute to society with their business and technological skills. The community’s aim is to expand our reach to build women leaders all over the world and to create $1 billion in economic contribution. 

If you are interested to be a part of Women in Cloud and learn to enhance all your skills to improve the business as well as contribute to the society with passionate leaders, stay tuned for more exciting announcements regarding our flagship event.


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