Women in Cloud (WIC), an economic development organization dedicated to advancing economic access for women in tech and tech entrepreneurship worldwide, today unveiled the WICxTop100 B2B Cloud Founder List of global women tech founders.

The #WICxTop100 B2B Cloud SAAS and Services List is a spotlight campaign designed to accelerate brand awareness and sales for women-led tech solutions companies throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

In partnership with Masterfund, Women In Cloud has curated a list of the leading women tech founders developing B2B cloud-powered SAAS solutions and services that address environmental sustainability issues and foster economic and social development.

“Mastersfund invests in tech companies building better ways to live and work together with women at the helm. Women in Cloud is, by far, our most powerful referral source for companies ready to scale. Because of WiC’s focus on amplification of sales, optimization of gross margins through hyperscale opportunities, and sustainability, it is no surprise that Women in Cloud alumni comprise more than forty percent of our portfolio.” said Gillian Muessig, Managing Director of Masterfund.

In addition, Women in Cloud’s Digital Spotlight Series showcases and champions the collective impact of 100 women founders who are building B2B Cloud SaaS and service tech solutions which accelerate innovation and advancing ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the startup companies it serves. Women in Cloud is pleased to acknowledge the partnership support of Boeing, Insight, Accenture and Microsoft in developing the Spotlights.

Chaitra Vedullapalli, President and Co-Founder of Women In Cloud notes, “WiC recognizes that building an effective cloud-based, co-sell GTM strategy is very expensive and labor intensive. Many founders lack the digital marketing experience needed to build and execute a successful strategy. WiC provides the critical support required to get these companies on the road to success.”

Each WICxTop100 founder will receive exclusive access to opportunities and benefits designed to support them in achieving business benchmarks and scaling impact. Benefits include training, networking, and partnership opportunities with corporate hyperscalers looking to support responsible tech solutions as part of their own ESG mandates.

To view the first 50 Women Founders and apply to be considered for the next 50 that will be announced Spring 2023 please visit: https://womenincloud.com/wicxtop100/.

A week away from SXSW.

Women In Cloud leaders are excited to participate at SXSW for the very first time.

Here are some curated activities that are in play and would love to connect with you if you are attending.

Women In Cloud Brunch at The Peacock Mediterranean Grille | Sunday, March 12, 2023 | 11:00 to 1:00PM

Join a curated conversation with business leaders, B2B founders. Also learn about the most exciting things happening in the Cloud and M&E ecosystem. Interested? Request Invite.

Google Cloud Startups – SXSW Community Day | March 13, Monday, 2023 | 3pm to 7PM

Interested? Register Now.

Black Founders Meetup | Friday, March 10, 2023 | 12:40 – 1:15 PM

Inc. welcomes Black founders, investors, business leaders, and allies, hosted by Brian Brackeen of Lightship Capital. Interested? Click here.

CPG Founders Meetup | Saturday, March 11, 2023 | 11:10  – 11:55 AM

Join entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and supporters of founders in the CPG and retail spaces, hosted by Michael Walters of studio503, and Colin McGuire of Boomn. Interested? Click here.

Female Founders Meetup | Monday, March 13, 2023 | 12:40 – 1:15 PM

Join female founders and friends at the Female Founders meetup, hosted by the Female Founder Collective.  Interested? Click here.

SXSW Female Founder House – hosted by Renzoe Box! | March11, Saturday, 2023 | 11-3PM

Interested? Click here.

Reach out to Chaitra Vedullapalli via Linkedin. DM for more information.

Avanade is partnering with Women in Cloud (WIC) for their first-ever IWD global hackathon. This exciting event will take place on March 4 and 5, with winners announced on March 8. WIC will be providing two judges to participate from our Board of Advisors, promoting the event in our social channels, and offering a WIC Prize – Gender Inclusion Category “WIC Community Choice”.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to #EmbraceEquity this International Women’s Day. The Avanade’s first-ever IWD global hackathon is a two-day hacking event designed to generate tech solutions for some of today’s most pressing equity issues. The event is being held in collaboration with Major League Hacking, Women in Cloud, and the International Rescue Committee, and the challenge is to hack and create solutions around reducing bias, taking action, celebrating difference, and allyship. The aim is to make a genuine human impact in honor of International Women’s Day.

The top prize-winning team will receive $8,500 USD and a 45-minute meeting with Avanade executive leadership. This is an excellent opportunity to use your unique skill set and perspective to make a difference in the future of equity. Sign up as a team of up to 4 to hack a solution over the weekend of March 4 – 5, 2023.

WIC’s partnership with Avanade’s Hackathon is an exciting opportunity to promote gender inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. By participating, you’ll be joining a community of individuals who are committed to creating a more equitable world. WIC’s judges will be looking for solutions that prioritize gender inclusion, so don’t miss your chance to be part of this amazing event.

Overall, the Avanade’s Hackathon and WIC’s partnership is a unique opportunity to take a stand, address inequality, and make a genuine human impact. We can’t wait to see what you create! 

So, sign up today and be a part of the change.


Learn more about #WICxAvanade Partnership.

Dominate Billion-Dollar Industries: #WICxAccenture Founder Coaching Program Empowers Entrepreneurs to Succeed With Competitive Edge


Women in Cloud and Accenture have joined forces to revolutionize the way female tech founders grow and succeed in the enterprise industry. Their innovative world class coaching program, the first of its kind, has been rolled out over the last few months, and is specifically designed to help women accelerate their growth and reach new heights. 


The program pairs female founders with executives from Accenture, offering unparalleled industry-leading support over three months. With 20 founders strategically matched with Accenture coaches whose expertise aligns with their unique industry experience and business needs, this program is the ultimate tool to take your business to the next level.


Participating Accenture Mentors & Founder Companies: 

“Our time with Lori was extremely valuable. We discussed our purpose, target market, technical options and strategy, and contracting with enterprises”, said participant Andrea Sorenson, CEO & Co-Founder of Liiingo. “Her insights have helped us understand our options, make key decisions, and develop a clearer strategy. Lori asked great questions, understood our challenges, and offered her insights with respect and encouragement.”

Accenture mentors met with their paired founders for a total of 8 hours delivering invaluable insights focused on refining product market fit, developing industry partnerships, and finding and acquiring customers. The program also allowed Accenture to explore opportunities to adopt these emerging technologies, and provide entrepreneurs with strategic co-market and co-sell insights. 


Accenture Coaches Included: 

  • Matt Biancuzzo 
  • Michelle Anschuetz 
  • Rebecca Anton 
  • Sarah Ouakim 
  • Gretchen Myers
  • Greg Reiser
  • Lori Myer


“It’s not everyday that we have the opportunity to mentor CEOs of emerging technology companies, and I’m grateful to have met, worked with, and learned from three awesome startup founders during the WIC/Accenture Coaching Program”, said Accenture mentor Greg Reiser, Managing Director of Cloud First Networks. “Anytime someone takes your advice and then comes back to thank you for the impact you’ve made on their business, it’s extremely rewarding.” 


The world class coaching program for female tech founders marks one of many instances where Accenture and WIC have teamed up to connect emerging tech startups with Accenture leaders to accelerate industry access and opportunities. Recently, Accenture has pursued mentorship programs with two WIC accelerator startups, and has served as speakers panelists at various WIC events. Accenture was also an integral part of WIC’s CXO Series, a networking experience designed to open the doors for leading fortune companies and brands to connect with technology business builders.


The flagship program’s success has opened doors for Women in Cloud to collaborate with other partners, offering even more mentoring opportunities to female tech founders. Exciting plans for the 2023 WIC founder coaching programming are in the works, so stay tuned for more updates!


Apply to WIC founder application to get access to a World Class Coaching Program with Insight, Accenture, Google, Avanade and more!


Learn More about Women in Cloud’s partnership with Accenture. 

Gavriella Schuster’s #ALLIES Journey is now available to individuals and organizations to experience the online learning experience as an interactive cohort on the Rali Change Experience Platform.

Learn | Creating a Different Culture
This Journey provides an actionable framework that equips every individual in your organization to be an ally, to build allies, and to promote a culture of allyship through practical tools and insights. By giving everyone a voice, and showing people how to share their power to empower the “onlys” in your teams you can unlock your organization’s productivity and make your teams more effective.

Do | Assessment: Allies in Your Workplace
The #ALLIES Journey leverages Rali’s unique Learn | Do | Inspire framework, which activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and organization impact. Whether it’s groups of 50 or 50,000, Rali delivers my #ALLIES Journey as a highly interactive experience, is always available, infinitely scales, and activates real behavior change.

The Rali Change Experience Platform delivers “change at scale” and empowers measurable, scalable, and lasting change that drives performance improvement through teams across the organization. Rali helps ensure successful outcomes by uniting technology, behavioral science, and change management best practices.

Inspire | Be an Ally
As part of the Journey, you will discover how to create a different culture, interact deeply with my story, uncover unhealthy microaggressions, make a difference through mentorship and empowerment, give others permission to act, and gain a new vision of being an ally.

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