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Did you know that AI professionals are among the highest-paid in the tech industry, with salaries soaring into the six figures? In this rapidly advancing field, expertise in AI not only promises a lucrative career but also positions you in the tech industry’s spotlight. Now, add to this the opportunity to earn certifications worth $6,000—absolutely free. This isn’t just about stepping into the future; it’s about seizing it.

Launch Your AI Career with Recognized Microsoft Certifications – Jumpstart your journey into the AI industry with a platform that accelerates your learning, industry recognized certification, and practical experience in cutting-edge AI technologies. ($6000 value for free)

Rewarding Competition & $25K in Prizes: Compete for a chance to win $25,000 in prizes, showcasing your innovative solutions to real-world AI challenges and gaining recognition from leading tech enterprises.
Professional Visibility : Elevate your profile within a vast network of recruiters and industry professionals looking for the next AI talent, providing a significant boost to your employment opportunities.

AI Innovation Challenge Preparedness: Get access to dedicated digital network, preparedness resources, mentorship to help you get ready for the 2-week AI Innovation Challenge.

Microsoft and Women in Cloud invites you to participate in an exclusive AI Innovation Challenge, designed for those in the US, Canada, and LATAM who are eager to fast-track their careers in AI. This is more than a competition; it’s a career-defining moment for participants to gain the status and recognition as AI Innovators.

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Community Reactions:

• Rody – I am thrilled to express my excitement about the upcoming AI Innovation Challenge with Microsoft! The opportunity to advance my AI career and potentially win up to $25k in prizes is truly inspiring. I am eager to participate in the hackathon and contribute to the goal of having 10 WIC teams involved. Additionally, I am committed to completing my AI certifications and am looking forward to being mentored by industry leaders. The prospect of gaining visibility in the industry and amplifying my skills is incredibly motivating. Ultimately, I hope this training would help me advanced my career and find a new job. I want to extend my sincere thanks to Women in Cloud for organizing this fantastic opportunity. I am looking forward to the challenge and the chance to grow both personally and professionally. Thank you once again for this incredible initiative. I can’t wait to get started!

• Su- I’m also excited to share this out wide with the rest of the women in my network interested to get new skills (AI)

• Ramya- Thank you so much Women In Cloud for this incredible opportunity!!! I would love to participate in the AI innovation challenge!!!

Did you know,1 out of every 20 open jobs in America today is a job that requires cybersecurity skills. And every projection shows that the number of these jobs will grow even more in the years ahead.   The demand for cybersecurity skills is growing rapidly as emerging tech introduces new security, compliance, and identity challenges. ISC2’s most recent study estimates the cybersecurity workforce gap at 4 million and that “despite the continued growth in the [cybersecurity] workforce… the demand is still outpacing supply.” 

In an era where the AI economy is reshaping our world, our landmark partnership with Microsoft heralds a transformative movement, introducing thousands of Microsoft Cybersecurity Certification scholarships specifically designed for women. This initiative transcends mere empowerment—it represents a profound commitment to fostering career advancement, leadership, and economic stability among women throughout the United States.

The primary aim is to empower women and underserved communities in the US Markets by awarding over 5100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Certification Scholarships to diverse, women-identifying individuals with entry to mid-level skills. This comprehensive initiative, running through December 2025, focuses on providing structured skills development, essential expertise, and employability readiness coaching, preparing recipients for roles like Cybersecurity Analysts, Operations, and Architects.

Key Benefits:

  • Micro credentialing through Coursera to gain skills and hands-on experience
  • Industry-Recognized Microsoft Certifications
  • DevSecOps peer2peer mentorship network
  • Monthly Job & Certification Preparedness Workshops

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Current Openings: 03

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Ultimate Partner leadership team led by Vince Menzione to bring forth an unparalleled opportunity for women thriving in the cloud ecosystem. Ultimate Partner LIVE is set to be a game-changer, and we can’t wait for you to be part of this transformative journey when partnering with Microsoft

Unveiling Ultimate Partner LIVE | The Americas Summit

Ultimate Partner LIVE is not just an event; it’s a two-day extravaganza designed to ignite potential, inspire innovation, and build bridges within the Microsoft ecosystem. This in-person, live, and interactive experience aims to guide attendees in landing key FY24 priorities, including Marketplace, SMC Co-sell, and Generative AI Cloud.

Connect, Learn, and Grow

As we gather at the stunning Microsoft Las Colinas Campus in Dallas, you’ll have the unique chance to connect with Microsoft executives across various departments including GPS, SMC, and Marketplace. Engage with partner and industry experts, and rub shoulders with executive partner leaders spanning ISVs, SIs, and CSPs. This is your moment to spark connections and fuel growth within the ecosystem.

Opening Reception: Kickstarting Your Journey

Mark your calendars for November 13th, as we kick off this incredible journey with an opening reception. This is your chance to mingle, network, and set the stage for two days of learning and collaboration.

Day 1: Insights and Opportunities

Prepare to dive deep into market trends and opportunities, best practices for collaborating with Microsoft, and a comprehensive understanding of the FY24 Microsoft Priorities surrounding AI, Co-sell, Marketplace, and SMC. Walk away with invaluable insights and the knowledge you need to thrive.

Day 2: Action and Impact

Get ready to put your learnings into action. Day 2 is all about understanding how to drive impact and find success in partnership with Microsoft. Engage in interactive workshops and seize the exclusive opportunity to pose your burning questions to a panel of seasoned experts during live Q&A sessions.


Meet The Esteemed Speakers

We are proud to present a growing list of distinguished speakers, including:

  • Kevin Peesker, Microsoft President, SMC and Digital Sales, Microsoft
  • Heather Deggans, COO & Vice President, Go To-Market Strategy, Global Partner Solutions – US Microsoft
  • Marc Monday, Vice President, Global Partner Strategy & Alliances, Sage

…and many more! Stay tuned as we continue to update our speaker list.

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