Accelerate Your AI Career with Microsoft Verifiable Project-Based Credentials

The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual report from Microsoft and LinkedIn indicates a significant demand for AI skills in the job market, with 66% of leaders stating they would not consider hiring candidates without AI skills. With advances in AI, cloud computing, and emerging technologies changing every day, a skills-based approach helps organizations identify the right talent with the right skills at the right time to accelerate the delivery of their most critical projects. Women in Cloud (WIC) is excited to launch the #WICxSkillsReadyChallenge, leveraging Microsoft Applied Skills. This new verifiable credential validates specific real-world skill sets that address critical business problems and can be earned through interactive lab-based assessments on Microsoft Learn. You will gain confidence through relevant project-based skilling in weeks and increase trust with hiring and existing managers in an AI-centric economy. Plus, win exciting projects and build valuable friendships.