Hurricane Dorian was a devastating force that seriously impacted the lives of so many in the Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands of the Bahamas.The islands were ripped apart, leaving a desperate and desolate situation, including the family members of one of our own team members, Raisa Noelle.

Some of her family members were missing for days as the storm ripped through their islands. As of yesterday September 5, Raisa’s 10 family members in both Abaco and Grand Bahama have finally all been found, but some of them are now homeless, seeking refuge, and in need of medical care due to Hurricane Dorian’s assault on their normal lives.

But that was not going to be the end of this story. We at Women in Cloud made a call out to the community to band together to take care of one of our own by giving to make a significant change in their lives.

While her family in Nassau was working to send supplies and clothing on the mailboat, many, needed to relocate quite quickly to Nassau or other islands. We asked for your support to help them start fresh in the midst of this tragedy.

This hurricane, the worst of its kind in the history of The Bahamas has leftover 2,000 people missing, 13,000+ homes have been completely destroyed, and 60,000+ people are without running water, electricity, food, and other basic amenities.

Our mission was to reach a goal of $5,000, to provide $500 worth of relief to each of Raisa’s family members and help them to safely get to another location when able.

As of September 24, we are delighted to report that we have reached the goal of $5,000!

“I have always gone through life with the idea that problems should be kept private and if anything ever happens, just figure it out for yourself. Women in Cloud as a whole has completely shaken my belief system for the better. In addition to just being a mix of good people all working to change the world for female entrepreneurs, seeing the community come together for me brought tears to my eyes. I can’t begin to thank all of you enough. I am so moved by people even reaching out to check on me and my family after the storm. This is unbelievable. You all are absolutely incredible. Thank you so much. I know my family will really appreciate it.” – Raisa Noelle

Thanks to the 45 donors that made it possible in just 17 days. Your kindness has been overwhelming.

Susana Alvarez Vitale | Silvia Ammerman | Sampada Basarkar | Harsha Bennur | Shari Burk | Stuart Butler | Holly Condos | Karen Fassio | Katy Forster | Dina Grimstead | Dominic Halpin | Sue Hill | Edwin & Elizabeth Hincapie | Russell Janney | Patricia Keiran | Sheryl Kline | Vinay Kumar | Erica Leigh | Cathy Light | Claire Lindsey | Maureen Lindsey | Sharon Martinez | Lena May | Alecia May | Karlaida Morales | Rohit Nallapeta | Colleen O’Brien | Erin Papworth | Natee Pretikul | Michelle Pruitt | Linda Rose | Alejandrina Salaverria | Melissa Strawn | Stacy Tatem | Peter Thomsen | Frank Valdivieso | Elisabeth Vanderveldt | Chaitra Vedullapalli | Wendy White | Kate Whitman | Anonymous | Anonymous | Anonymous | Anonymous | Anonymous

Here are just some of the ways that your GoFundMe donations helped:

  • LifeStraws for those without access to clean water
  • School fees for a young boy that had to relocate and start at a new school
  • Rent for a single mother that lost her home
  • Clothes for a relative that was left with only the clothes on her back
  • Flights for four people and their pets to relocate to another island
  • One month’s worth of pet food for five dogs and nine cats

With all your help, we have been able to make a positive impact on the lives of those who really need it.

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