Women in Cloud, alongside Veeam, ET Edge (A Times Group Initiative), and Tech Observer, is proud to announce the launch of #WICxIndia 2023. This monumental initiative celebrates India’s groundbreaking cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem while creating pathways for women’s leadership growth.

Revolutionary Event Unveiled
This three-city, five-day in-person event boasts captivating keynotes, thought-provoking panels, immersive workshops, prestigious awards, and extensive networking. Center around the theme “Powering the Executive Leadership Presence,” #WICxIndia 2023 brings together industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and entrepreneurs, including Veeam’s Vice President Marketing Belinda Pervan, Aditya Birla Group Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer Pankaj Rai, Honeywell’s Chief Compliance Officer Piya Haldar, Accenture’s Managing Director Gopali Raval Contractor, Veeam Software’s MD India and SAARC Sandeep Bhambure, Women in Cloud’s President Chaitra Vedullapalli, Microsoft’s General Manager Monika Mital and Ntegral’s CEO Dexter Hardy.

“India is making leaps in the world of cloud and AI, and it’s the women at the forefront who are driving this economic transformation. #WICxIndia 2023 isn’t just about events; it’s a powerful celebration of visionaries and changemakers who are defining India’s digital future,” states Chaitra Vedullapalli, a renowned thought leader in the tech industry.

A Journey of Empowerment and Recognition
1) Starting September 1st, the #WICxIndia 2023 event will kick off in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, providing a rich tapestry of insights and inspiration. The #empowHERaccess awards platform, a core part of the event, will recognize over 60 pioneering role models who are shaping the future of technology through transformative change.

2) On September 8th, Bangalore will be the hub of technological brilliance and innovative discourse as it hosts the prestigious #WICxIcons Awards Celebration Dinner. This elite gathering is set to underscore key policy dialogues, foster allyship, and discuss the latest in cloud management.

3) Rollout of #SashaktiSamman Phase 2 Campaign will Celebrate exceptional figures within the government sector, igniting women’s leadership while driving data protection and security and bolstering the nation’s digital defenses.

4) Microsoft and Veeam Partner to Unlock Employment Opportunities Through Cloud Micro Credentialing Scholarships aimed at empowering women in the fields of Data Protection and Ransomware solutions. This initiative seeks to unlock employment opportunities while addressing the crucial need to safeguard India’s critical information in the digital age.

“As India charts its path in the cloud and AI frontier, it’s the women at the helm who are setting the pace. #WICxIndia 2023 isn’t just about technology; it’s a celebration of visionaries and changemakers who are crafting the nation’s digital destiny.” – Dexter Hardy, CEO of NTEGRAL

To explore the program of speakers, visit https://womenincloud.com/wicxindia-2023/.

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By uniting with us, you contribute to a brighter future for women leaders across India.
Save the date and prepare for an extraordinary experience at #WICxIndia 2023!

For decades people, companies, and governments have debated the need for paid parental leave (and other medical and family support for employees). Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Essex studied more than 3,500 new parents and discovered “only 27.8 percent of women are in full-time work or self-employed after childbirth, compared to 90 percent of new fathers.”  It is important to recognize that all employees can benefit from parental leave policies, and women often carry the bulk of caregiving responsibilities without adequate support from their employers, which can hinder their career advancement.

Despite this decades-old debate, and seemingly little momentum in the US, the technology sector’s parental leave benefits do stand out compared to other industries. Zippa statistics revealed that “the technology sector leads the private sector in offering parental leave, with 30% of tech workers receiving access to paid family leave.” This is a fantastic win with industry giants like Netflix offering up to 52 weeks of paid primary and nonprimary parental leave. While others like Spotify, Bumble, and Adobe offer a range from 16-26 weeks of primary and nonprimary parental leave. Focusing on employee benefits, in particular parental leave, seems to be trending positively in the tech industry despite layoffs and conversations around the recession.

Emphasizing and prioritizing parental leave is mutually beneficial for employees and employers. Chris Freitas reported for KBI that companies see increased employee retention, an easier ability to acquire new talent, boosted productivity and employee morale, improved mental health and well-being, and increased public and private investments when they offer paid parental leave. The United States is among the limited number of nations acknowledged by the United Nations (193 members at present) that do not mandate a certain amount of compensated parental leave, the responsibility of determining such policies falls upon employers and business leaders.

Tech leaders and companies must continue to set the standard for employee benefits, in particular parental leave. Tech however is not removed from issues like the gender pay gap, workplace harassment, and more that still plague the overall working culture. Reports show that despite tech being a standout for parental leave, day-to-day standards are causing women to leave the field. Currently, many women in tech are having to trade off certain perks of working in tech, like parental leave benefits, for less money than men in similar roles, little to no women role models, and gendered harassment. On top of that parental leave benefits are often limited to childbirth and exclude additional family-building options like adoption, surrogacy, IVF, nonprimary leave, and more. 


6 ideas for your companies to setup solutions for working moms:

  • Digital ESG framework “SAFE”: Implementing a digital ESG framework known as “SAFE,” workplaces can take steps to make women feel safer. This includes measures such as closing the pay gap, promoting female career progression, creating clear and transparent policies regarding sexual harassment, and incentivizing training in civility and equity.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Offering flexible working hours can be a game-changer for working mothers. It allows them to better balance their work and personal responsibilities, which can improve productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • On-Site Childcare: Providing on-site childcare services can be a huge relief for working mothers who struggle to find affordable and reliable childcare options. It can also help reduce absenteeism and improve morale.
  • Paid Parental Leave: Offering paid parental leave can be a valuable benefit for working mothers who need time to recover after childbirth and bond with their newborns. It also shows that the company values and supports its employees’ family life. Furthermore, creating policies that include family planning options like adoption, fostering, IVF, surrogacy, and more emphasizes that employees will not have to choose between family and a successful career.  
  • Remote Work Options: Allowing employees to work from home or remotely can be especially helpful for working mothers who need to attend to their children’s needs throughout the day. It can also reduce commuting time and expenses.
  • Career Development Opportunities: Providing career development opportunities such as #WICxInsiderCircle program can help working mothers advance in their careers while also balancing their family responsibilities. This can include mentorship programs, leadership training, and opportunities for job sharing or part-time work.


Women in Cloud (WIC) is working to create $1 Billion in net economic access for women professionals and entrepreneurs in tech, and WIC is also working to create leadership development and growth for women in tech. Having more genders at the tables where decisions are made and policies are decided means more people can be represented, policies can accurately reflect the needs of the employees, and decisions can be more inclusive of all genders and family planning options. Having meaningful parental leave benefits and policies is the best option for all parties because it encourages company growth, employee retention, and economic outlook. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the Women in Cloud community members who are mothers, guardians, and/or caregivers. We thank you for your commitment to helping our next generation and we applaud you for continuing to work, advancing your career, and leading this industry into the future. 


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Tax season 2023: Here’s everything you need to know about deadlines, refunds, audits and more

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What do you get when you take over 100 women and allies from around the world, put them in a room for three weeks, and ask them to change the world?

You get Women in Cloud (WIC), hosting their fifth annual Women in Cloud Summit beginning January 26, 2023. 

The three-week hybrid experience will combine unique virtual programming with in-person events and exclusive opportunities that promise to be memorable, empowering and inspiring. The 2023 Annual Summit ignites the power of “Collective Responsibility” through purpose, innovation and excellence to accelerate ESG leadership and solutions to drive responsible businesses.

The summit will explore the increasing pace of Cloud & AI technology, create a global hub for sustainable tech solutions, accelerate ESG + T innovations and provide the platform to transform our collective community into resilient leaders and responsible global enterprises. 

 Across the hybrid programming, attendees will hear from inspirational speakers, connect and communicate with industry leaders and experts, and network with each other, both virtually and in-person.

The summit also offers a unique opportunity to participate in a virtual World Record attempt, as WIC community is ready to set the record for most vision boards uploaded in 24-hours. 

Since its inception, Women in Cloud’s Annual Summit has become one of the world’s most influential community events for women in technology, led by top industry women leaders, CEOs, Executives and allies focused on global, sustainable impact.

Attended by an international audience from more than 25 countries, the Annual Summit is driving the economic access narrative on a global scale. 

To learn more or get your tickets to Women in Cloud’s Annual Summit visit: https://womenincloud.com/wicxannualsummit-2023/

So don’t miss out on this opportunity—register today!


Impact of 2022 Annual Summit: 

The Women in Cloud Summit 2021 will build on the success of last year’s event. Themed Collective Influence, the 2022 Summit brought together 1000+ participants and speakers from 28 countries, including the UN of cloud brands, entrepreneurs, technologists, policy makers and global leaders. The event programming was specifically designed to drive curated and organic connections for driving economic development to create $1 billion in economic access for women tech entrepreneurs. 


What Our Community Is Saying:

  • “It has been awesome. I’m so impressed with the lineup! I’ve written down quite a few gems
  • to meme-ify to keep me inspired!” – Sarah C.
  • “Thank you WIC! For me there is a bit of silver lining for having the Summit online. It would have been hard for me to participate in person. I am grateful for every minute spent with you amazing ladies” – Zana P.
  • “So refreshing to discuss these topics with other women technologists!!!” – Bailey M.
  • “So moving and vulnerable! Thank you so much for showing us it’s all possible.” – Maria
  • “Amazing panel!! Love how it felt actionable!” – Nicole C.
  • “Marketplace strategy, invest in customer demand, build and expand .. Whoa! I am learning big time! Thanks to the whole team!” – Carolina
  • “Thank you WIC for all the support so far!” – Bhavya A.
  • “Thank you panelists! Lots of helpful takeaways to digest. Thank you Patti for the brilliant visual to support and inspire!” – Sara B. 
  • “Great insights and inspiration today from the founders. #CollectiveInfluence in action!” – Gena G.


To learn more or get your tickets to Women in Cloud’s Annual Summit visit: https://womenincloud.com/wicxannualsummit-2023/

So don’t miss out on this opportunity—read the press release to get involved.

Do you remember a time when you were so excited about something that you didn’t know how to share all the details to get others excited?

Well, here at Women In Cloud we are going through that same type of excitement, and we completely forgot to share all the details to get our community just as excited!

Last week, we launched our marquee Cosell GTM and content development campaign called the #WICxTop100. The entire campaign is designed to help women tech founders build, plug, and play GTM content during the busiest season of the year, all while making it easy to participate in the upcoming 4 month campaign.

The intention behind this campaign is recognizing that building cloud cosell GTM is very expensive (usually costs over 20K or more), labor intensive (usually one to two resources), and many founders do not have the digital marketing experience needed. After having many conversations, the community came together to pull an integrated hybrid campaign that focused on the following benefits:

  1. Brand Development and Awareness : provide assets to easily build brand within the tech industry
  2. Customer Demand Generation : invitations to events and experiences to meet people
  3. Build Partnerships with Hyperscalers and Channel Partners : connect to hyperscaler programs to establish partnerships
  4. Generate Lead via Marketplaces : showcase SAAS solution and offers to attract customers
  5. Increase knowledge to become world class entrepreneurs

Now the question is how does it work?

  1. To take advantage of the #WICxTop100, our plug and play GTM engine you need to take ACTION. This means you need to signup to be invited to engage in the Cosell activities. Signup here.
  2. Once you signup, you will be invited to participate in the many GTM activities.
  3. You will also be given a dedicated template to create your content so we can jointly promote to create access to customers, partners and future employees.

What can you create through this campaign?

Here is a list of assets you can develop. It is up to you and your company to decide what outcomes you want to accomplish.

  • Joint Press Release
  • Blog Post – Sharing Insights
  • eBook or High Value Asset
  • Customer Offer on marketplaces
  • Solution Spotlight and Demos
  • Webinar Content
  • Customer List
  • Partner List
  • Press Kit – You and/or company
  • Email Nurture Campaign
  • Formulate a Perfect Solution Narrative
  • Cosell Messaging Framework
  • Philanthropic Story and more

What will you receive when you participate in the #WICxTop100 Founder Campaign?

  • Get educated: 4 hour bootcamp on Building Cosell Partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers
  • Meet Influential Executives at the #WICxIcons 2022: Executive Dinner at Seattle, WA
  • Get seen by Fortune 1000 companies – Top100 Enterprise Ready Cloud Solutions List
  • Get featured on Industry stages and community stages
  • Create unique content for your business
  • Get invited to participate in Microsoft #Buildfor2030 Hackathon and opportunities
  • Monthly roundtables to meet fellow women tech founders and explore joint partnerships to scale
  • Connect with Boeing, Accenture, Insight, Microsoft, Avanade, Teradata, Google and more
  • Get invited to participate in Cloud Accelerator 8.0

What is the roadmap for me and my company to participate?

Every experience that is design is to help you achieve goals within your GTM plan.

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Wondering? If you are ready or not?

Take a free Cloud Cosell Marketing Assessment.

It takes 15 minutes but you will know the reality of how much you need.

If you see lot many reds and oranges, then you are 100% ready to participate.

Actually, the reality is that you need it more than anyone else. It is an indication that you must invest in GTM activities.

What are the qualification criteria for selection?

  • Companies with at least one woman in the C-level role with decision making power in the company
  • Based anywhere across the globe
  • Solution Built on Cloud Hyperscaler platform such as Microsoft Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, IBM Cloud and/or AliCloud.
  • Those targeting enterprise opportunities in any industry sector with a potential to scale
  • Must be in business for one year with one pilot customer and developed a cloud solution
  • One or more of the business’ solutions directly impact one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Looking to Cosell their solutions through Microsoft, Google, AWS, IBM, Salesforce and their distribution channels

What will it cost?

  • $129 plus 3.49% processing fee to get access.
  • Deadline to apply : Oct3rd, 2022

Where can I signup?

Learn more here: https://womenincloud.com/wicxtop100/

Apply Here: https://womenincloud.submittable.com/submit/231817/wicxtop100