Building Bridges: How Access Generation Drives Innovation

While there were subtle positive changes over the years, if you blinked you would miss them. It was when I was at Oracle doing my first consulting project at a bank, that I realized that the lack of diversity and inclusion I was experiencing was not due to a lack of talent from diverse communities, but rather a lack of access. At that moment my eyes were opened and I could see the problem clearly and more importantly, the solution.

The vital role of AI skills in women’s career advancement and practical steps to begin

With the unparalleled level of noise, confusion, and fear surrounding AI it can become overwhelming to parse out what news is sensationalised and what is true, especially when it comes to AI and the impact it has on the jobs market.

International Women’s Day: Expanding cybersecurity opportunities in the era of AI

To further develop women’s careers, Microsoft Philanthropies and Women in Cloud jointly sponsor the Women in Cloud Cybersecurity Scholarship to provide women with structured skills development, certification opportunities, and employability readiness coaching. By 2025, more than 5,100 scholarships will be awarded.

Forbes: Female Filmmakers Should Embrace Rather Than Fear of AI

Forbes just published an article summarizing the discussion and the event. Worth a read to hear from some of the amazing women who joined us on the panel.

Women In Cloud Sets New GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title for Most Users in a Vision Board Video Hangout

Starting February 16, the 19th annual Oscar Nominated Short Films will be available in over 700 theaters globally and in 75-plus theatrical markets, including New York and Los Angeles. This is the only opportunity for audiences to watch all of the short film nominees in theaters before the 96th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 10.Starting February 16, the 19th annual Oscar Nominated Short Films will be available in over 700 theaters globally and in 75-plus theatrical markets, including New York and Los Angeles. This is the only opportunity for audiences to watch all of the short film nominees in theaters before the 96th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 10. This year’s theatrical release also includes a new partnership with Women In Cloud, a global network of 100,000 women tech founders, executives, tech professionals and allies in 67 countries.

Building Opportunity: WICxAnnualTour 2024 Advances Women’s Leadership in Cloud and AI for Global Equity

The record-breaking event saw a staggering 632 users from around the world participating in the video hangout submitting a total of 503 approved vision boards. This new record stands as a testament to the power of digital engagement and the unifying force of creative collaboration.

Celebrating Success, Pioneering Progress: #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program Catapults Women Founders to the Forefront of Industry Tech Innovation

How 22 Women Tech Founders and 51 Accenture Executives Are Fostering industry partnership with #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program.

Women in Cloud Presents #WICxESG 2023: Sustainability & AI Digital Summit

omen in Cloud, alongside Accenture, is gearing up for its annual #WICxESG 2023 digital summit, a monumental gathering converging sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and the brightest women minds of our generation!

Chaitra Vedullapalli Recognized As Esteemed Honorees For the 2024 Women of Impact Award

Women Impact Tech is publishing a list in conjunction with American Business Women’s Day, honoring the accomplishments of businesswomen across the nation, pushing through barriers of male-dominated work spaces. The Women of Impact list pays tribute to the women who have made a significant influence on the technical profession, paving the way for other women in the field.

Chaitra Vedullapalli Named As a WPO 2023 Entrepreneurial Women of Impact Award

The Entrepreneurial Women of Impact Awards is a joint collaboration between the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and Women Elevating Women (W.E.W.). The awards are generously sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking to recognize the outstanding professional achievements and community service of women of color entrepreneurs based in North America.

#WICXROLEMODELS: Celebrating the Vanguard of Women in India’s GovTech Sector

The nexus of government and technology has become the cornerstone of modern security strategies. Innovations in technology have placed defense on the cutting edge of technological advancement for decades. Today, this dynamic relationship is enjoying a renaissance, with a new generation of thought leaders emerging to shape India’s GOVTECH landscape.

Shaping India‘s Future: #WICxIndia 2023 Revolutionizes Women’s Leadership in the Cloud and AI Ecosystem

Women in Cloud, alongside Veeam, ET Edge (A Times Group Initiative), and Tech Observer, is proud to announce the launch of #WICxIndia 2023. This monumental initiative celebrates India’s groundbreaking cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem while creating pathways for women’s leadership growth.

#Sashakti Samman: Women in Cloud and Veeam India Collaborate to Empower Women Leaders in Defense Tech and Government Organizations

Women in Cloud, in collaboration with Veeam® Software India, a leader in Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery is thrilled to unveil the #SashaktiSamman campaign, powered by TechObserver and supported by Veeam’s Women in Green and Women in Cloud initiatives.

Women in Cloud and Teradata Corporation Join Forces to Host #WICxInspire2023: Cloud B2B Partnerships Summit

Women in Cloud (WIC), a community-led economic development organization, is thrilled to announce their annual signature industry event, #WICxInspire, focused on B2B partnerships. Presented in collaboration with Teradata, #WICxInspire2023 is designed to empower women tech founders and cloud channel companies to build game-changing B2B partnerships that create new customer demand and opportunities, driving innovation in the tech industry.

Founders First Capital Partners Sponsors Women in Cloud to Foster Financial Opportunities for Women Tech Founders

The collaboration aims to provide the WIC community with access to non-dilutive financing options. Women business owners have statistically seen fewer opportunities to access venture capital or traditional bank lending to grow their businesses than their male counterparts. To combat this discrepancy, WIC and Founders First are working together to identify women business owners who could benefit from growth capital.

Women in Cloud Partners with Insight for Third Annual #empowHERaccess Awards

Women in Cloud has partnered with Insight Enterprise, a Fortune 500 solutions integrator, to proudly announce the third annual #empowHERaccess Awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the tech industry.

Danny Trejo And Veronica Falcón Board Indie Sports Drama ‘American Underdog’

Exec producer Chaitra Vedullapalli brings to the film her vast network of Women-In-Cloud, in the organization’s initial foray into features via #MxW Ventures. Women-In-Cloud’s mission is to grant access to women and allies from the tech industry into entertainment to help shape meaningful narratives and ensure proper representation and visibility of otherwise marginalized groups.

Co-Founder & President of Women In Cloud, Chaitra Vedullapalli named in Top 50 ESG by Constellation Research

Executives Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Future Named on Earth Day

Women in Cloud and Insight Launch Scholarship Program for Agile Leadership Training

The partnership with Women in Cloud is part of Insight’s commitment to promoting gender diversity in the IT industry and empowering women to pursue careers in technology. “We believe that diversity is the key to innovation, success and advancements in technology,” said Andrea Perkins, Vice President, Digital Enablement, Insight.

Amplifying the impact of trailblazing women leaders

Since 2020, we have engaged and showcased more than 30 women-owned businesses as part of the Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative. This initiative is focused on raising awareness and support for advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals by accelerating innovation, change-making, and the collective impact made possible with our global partner ecosystem.

Women in Cloud Launches #CloudCXO Summit Series To Showcase Women Tech Leaders Who are Industry Visionaries

The #WICxCloudCXOSeries will highlight women leading tech initiatives as role models for those in attendance to learn from and aspire towards, while creating access, representation and opportunities for all members.

Women In Cloud Recognized by Washington State Senate in Bill SR 8630 for Bridging Gender Representation & Access Gap in Tech

Senator Kuderer shared, “Year after year I speak in support of this resolution, calling out the main areas of major gender imbalance in the tech field, and that includes educational opportunities, access to venture capital, contract procurement and opportunities for promotion.

Women in Cloud and Veeam India Announce Partnership to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in Cloud Data Management

According to recent statistics, only 26% of computing jobs in India are held by women, and in the field of cloud data management and security, women are even more underrepresented. WIC and Veeam India are committed to changing this by creating a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem in India for cloud data management.

Women in Cloud Launches Annual Subscription Program Focused on Cultivating & Celebrating Leadership

According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, the percentage of women in tech leadership roles is trending down, currently at 28%. Launched a new annual subscription program, #WICxInsiderCircle Program, focused on cultivating and celebrating leaders in the $7 Trillion Cloud & AI Ecosystem.


The gender pay disparity and broken leadership ladder continue to disadvantage women of color, but a new generation of visionaries are picking up the slack and changing the face of the future

Women In Cloud Announces ‘Top 100 Women Tech Founders’ List: First 50 B2B Cloud SAAS and Services Founders are Named

The #WICxTop100 B2B Cloud SAAS and Services List is a spotlight campaign designed to accelerate brand awareness and sales for women-led tech solutions companies throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

Women in Cloud and Avanade Partner to offer International Women’s Day Hackathon

An ESG Integration Project with Women In Cloud Ecosystem

Ruth Rowan, Chief Marketing Officer at Avanade says: “At Avanade we believe that supporting women and gender equality is not only a moral, but also a strategic imperative for creating a more equitable and fair world.

Women in Cloud Is Making a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title Attempt While Helping Women and Allies Navigate Their Future

This immersive experience is ideal for women of all ages looking to change gears in their lives, whether transitioning from high school to college, college to career, employment to self-employment, employment to retirement, or those seeking a change in their career fields.

#WICxAnnualSummit 2023: A Global Summit Igniting Collective Responsibility & ESG Leadership To Drive Responsible Businesses

Women in Cloud announces the fifth Annual Summit beginning January 2023 as a three-week hybrid experience that will ignite the power of “Collective Responsibility” through purpose, innovation and excellence to accelerate ESG leadership and solutions to drive responsible businesses.

Buildfor2030: Accelerating Innovation

#BuildFor2030 is a call-to-action for partners to drive social impact with their technical solutions. Together with Microsoft, women entrepreneurs can create innovative solutions and create more economic access. Watch the video:

Fortune Mention: The female founders hoping to fix gender disparity in cloud tech

“There’s still a significant gender gap in cloud computing and the way that women are treated even once they break through leaves a lot of room for improvement,” says Vedullapalli. “So, even though we’ve made great strides for women in cloud, there’s still a long way to go.”

Women in Cloud Kicks-Off #WICxLEAD ESG Leadership Accelerator with Inaugural Cohort of Corporate Women and Tech Founders

Women in Cloud kicked off their new #WICxLEAD accelerator program, a turnkey solution for women leaders to define their leadership purpose and create impactful ESG strategies, operating models and reporting mechanisms that support women tech entrepreneurs in the supplier ecosystem.

Women in Cloud and Accenture Partner to Deliver World Class Coaching to Women Tech Founders

Women in Cloud and Accenture partner to deliver a first-of-its-kind coaching program designed to support women tech founders in accelerating their growth in the enterprise industry through one-on-one coaching from Accenture leaders.

Women in Cloud Announces WICxTop100 Founder Campaign to Spotlight Women Cloud Entrepreneurs Advancing ESG and Sustainable Development

Women in Cloud (WIC) announces the launch of their inaugural WICxTop100 Women Cloud Founder campaign recognizing women cloud founders who are developing innovative solutions that consider environmental sustainability and foster economic and social development.

Kyndryl Sponsors Women in Cloud to Accelerate Economic Access for Women in Technology

“At Kyndryl we firmly believe that we’re stronger together and are thrilled to partner with WIC to further our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) mission and extend our impact to the WIC community of women technology entrepreneurs and professionals,” said Harish Grama, Global Cloud Practice Leader at Kyndryl.

Forbes: How To Create The Ideal Corporate ESG Program To Better Support Women

Corporate accountability has received a lot of attention from investors and consumers, and it’s looking more and more like ESG will become a staple in the future of corporate operations.

Avanade and Women in Cloud Announce Partnership to Promote Gender Inclusion in Technology

Avanade and Women In Cloud (WIC), an economic development organization dedicated to advancing gender inclusion in technology, today announced their partnership to advance gender inclusion in technology through innovative networking and recruiting initiatives.

Women in Cloud Launches First-of-it’s-Kind Corporate ESG Women’s Leadership Accelerator

Next Generation Corporate ESG Women’s Leadership Accelerator.

Women in Cloud Announces the 2022 #empowHERaccess Award Winners

The empowHERaccess awards are a unique opportunity for women tech professionals to recognize those who have created access for them.

#WICxINSPIRE2022: Driving the Cloud Hyperscaler Partnership Revolution Among Women Tech Founders

WIC is on a mission to put women tech founders at the forefront of the Cloud Hyperscaler cosell partnership revolution by designing the WICxINSPIRE 2022 event to provide tech founders and leaders with the actionable insights they need to effectively co-build, co-market and co-sell with hyperscalers.

Women belong in tech – celebrating innovation in our industry (Microsoft Feature)

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the potential of women and girls everywhere, and their ideas and innovations that are shaping our future. March is also Women’s History Month in the United States. Introduced in the late 1980s, this month is a celebration of the numerous, but often overlooked, accomplishments by women across history, culture and society. This is a time to reflect — and keep working to close equity gaps.

Seizing the opportunities of an inclusive economy (Microsoft Feature)

March is a time to reflect on the lives of women and girls around the globe with International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 and Women’s History Month lasting all month in the United States. This year, I’m reflecting on how the COVID-19 pandemic has had major and uneven economic impact: 97 million people have fallen below the US$1.90 international poverty line since 2019, and 163 million more people are living on less than US$5.50 a day. These newly impoverished people are more likely to be women, children, and unskilled and informal workers.

WIC Portfolio Company, Developer Ecosystem Platform secures $450K by Right Side Capital Management

Fyrii is a unique developer ecosystem that enables technical experts and commercial organizations to launch and monetize their digital products at scale. With their latest funding from Right Side Capital, Fyrii will be able to accelerate its web3 capabilities and expand the platform’s footprint as an “innovation-as-a-service” model.

Women in Cloud: Creating a global network for economic access

 As a woman, proving myself as not only capable but an expert in the field was a higher mountain to climb. Even today, high school girls my daughter’s age still think of tech as a man’s world. There is a critical need for influencers who will use their voice and position to elevate a new generation of innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.  

Women in Cloud Center of Excellence Opens in India in Partnership with RV College of Engineering to Accelerate Cloud Talent Pipeline

Inaugurated on March 16th, 2022, named the Women in Cloud Center of Excellence in India, is designed to accelerate women and allies access to digital skilling, technology innovation and job placement by leveraging public-private partnerships.

Women in Cloud (WiC) Partners with Hello Alice to Launch As-A-Service Business Model Guides.

The global cloud computing market will reach $947 billion in 2026. It’s time to get in on it. Access the free WIC Cloud Solution Building suite of how-to guides. Available now in the USB Project Entrepreneur Community, each of these five step-by-step guides is ready to walk you through expert tips and insights. Between these and offer helpful tools, you will be able to bring your cloud-based idea to life — and to market!

Women in Cloud Partners with Coursera and Microsoft to Launch Additional 500 Scholarships Providing In-Demand Skills Training Towards Microsoft Azure Certification

Women in Cloud (WiC) is excited to announce through our collaboration with Microsoft and Coursera, it will distribute an additional 500 scholarships towards Microsoft Azure training and certification to those who have been affected by the pandemic and who are looking to join the tech workforce.

X0PA AI raises $4.2 million in series a funding to scale AI-Powered objective B2B hiring & selections solution

The world’s most objective hiring and selections platform plans to expand globally and innovate further with cutting-edge AI.

Two Insight Executives Earn WICxAllies Awards as Advocates of Women in Tech

Insight CFO Glynis Bryan honored with Advocate Award for fostering supplier diversity and Insight Canada’s John Dathan receives Overall Allies Award for advancing women in leadership

Third Annual Women in Cloud Day Celebrated with the Adoption of Bill 8637

Led by Senator Patty Kuderer of the 48th Legislative District, the Bill acknowledges Women in Cloud’s continuous achievements and international growth within the last year, including the increasing popularity of the WIC Annual Summit.

Insight Marketing Leader Protexter Named to Women in Cloud Board

Amy Protexter, Insight SVP of Marketing, will carry forward the company’s charter to collectively foster a diverse and inclusive environment to Women in Cloud’s gender-equity mission

Coursera and Microsoft collaborate to launch Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Specialization

A significant gender gap exists in cloud-based roles, with women accounting for only 12% of cloud computing workers worldwide. To help address this, Microsoft has partnered with Women in Cloud to provide over 600 scholarships for eligible Women in Cloud members in the US. Scholarship recipients will receive free access to the new Azure Fundamentals Specialization as well as Microsoft’s upcoming AI Fundamentals Specialization and Data Fundamentals Specialization, both scheduled to launch later in May.

#WICxALLIES 2022: Women in Cloud celebrates the first wave of Women in Tech Allies

The WICxALLIES Awards celebrates the achievements of three leaders who are building for inclusion through their everyday actions to bring more women into their network, organization and leadership roles.

WICxALLIES Award Winners for 2022:
Overall Allyship Award – John Dathan – General Manager and Senior Vice President, Insight Canada

Sponsor Award – Nathan Chung – Senior Consultant, Azure Cloud & AI, Microsoft

Advocate Award – Glynis Bryan – CFO, Insight Canada

Chaitra Vedullapalli Named As Forbes 1000 NEXT Entrepreneur

The Forbes Next 1000 list shines light on the ambitious sole proprietors, self-funded shops and pre-revenue startups in every region of the country—all with under $10 million in revenue or funding and infinite drive and hustle. Forbes and their partners at Square are thrilled to welcome Chaitra Vedullapalli to the Forbes Next 1000 class of 2021.

#WICxAnnualSummit 2022 Recognized by Bizzabo – 2022 Women In Tech Conferences: Empowering Events

Ready for the most authoritative list of 2022 women in tech events on the internet?

The number of women in tech events have been increasing year over year, further highlighting the importance of a more inclusive culture in tech. Especially given the findings our recent gender study, which found that 70% of event speakers are male.

We’ve established a thorough directory of the most prominent women in tech conferences happening in 2022. These events focus on empowering women through conferences that help attendees learn new skills, make valuable connections, discuss innovative trends, promote intersectionality, and access motivational leaders.

Women in Cloud Summit 2022 Will be a Harbinger of the Future for Gender Equity and Inclusive Tech Innovation

Women In Cloud 4th Annual Summit 2022 sees a stronger representation and focus by Fortune Brands and Emerging Companies To Influence Gender Equity and Inclusive Tech Innovation.

Women in Cloud and Indiaspora Launch Community Fundraising Campaign to Support Women in India

The campaign will raise funds to stabilize women and families impacted by COVID-19 who might otherwise fall into a cycle of poverty.

Women in Cloud, Microsoft, Coursera and IAMCP Partner to Provide Azure Training and Certification Scholarships to Women in India

Launches #empowHERfamily initiative to create a digital skilling ecosystem to skill Women in India for in-demand Cloud Jobs.

2021 COVID-19 Impact Report

Women Technology Entrepreneurs Report Devastating Financial, Economic and Emotional Impacts of COVID-19

Read more about the impacts of COVID-19 on women technology entrepreneurs in 2021 and necessary steps Women in Cloud is taking to address these challenges.


Insight Unites with Women In Cloud to Accelerate Workplace Diversity in Technology

By joining the #WICxFortune100 Initiative, Insight deepens its commitment to strengthening a partner network built on diversity and inclusion

Women in Cloud Appoints Accenture’s Gina Fratarcangeli to its Board of Directors

Women in Cloud, a community-led economic development organization dedicated to advancing gender equity in the technology industry, has named Gina Fratarcangeli, Managing Director at Accenture, to its Board of Directors.

In this role, Fratarcangeli will be among a core team of advisors and influencers helping the not-for-profit organization drive its mission to generate $1B in net new global economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030 through partnerships with corporations, community leaders and policy makers.

Women in Cloud, in partnership with M12 and IBM, honors eight role models at the inaugural #empowHERaccess Awards Ceremony

The #empowHERaccess Inaugural Awards celebrates the achievements of 8 winners who facilitated economic access and recovery for women affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizes the contributions to the cloud ecosystems made by both individuals and organizations. The awards are supported by corporate and private brands such as M12, IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Boeing, Insight and others.

Women In Cloud was named one of the Best Accelerators in Seattle by Benzinga

Women in Cloud is proud to announce that we have been recognized as the Best Women-Led Businesses Accelerator in Seattle by Benzinga Magazine. The “10 Best Accelerators in Seattle, Ranked” article highlights 10 local accelerators with different niches which  provide access to training, funding, mentorship, and scaling for startups in a variety of industries. These accelerators were named the best because of their involvement in the local community, transparency, and implementation of practical standards. Women in Cloud was named top 7 overall and the best for female entrepreneurs because of its emphasis on using cloud hyperscalers, distribution channels, and partner resources to help women co-build, co-market, and co-sell to businesses.

Top 10 Most Successful Women in Cloud Entrepreneurs 2021 featured on Insight Success magazine.

The Insight Success Magazine has recognized the Women in Cloud Accelerator and the entrepreneurs who graduated from the Accelerator and went ahead to make an impact in society. The “Top 10 Most Successful Women in Cloud Entrepreneurs” Edition honors 10 women entrepreneurs from the technology industry who are shaping the future of the industry with their unique solutions. Checkout the Top 10 Most Successful Women in Cloud Entrepreneurs 2021 featured on Insight Success magazine.

The Urgent Need to Create Inclusive Access for Women to Join the Technology Industry

Women in Cloud partners with VFI to advance policy reforms around economic access and opportunities for women. There is an estimated $700 billion opportunity for enterprise cloud solutions, but fewer than 1% of enterprise cloud contracts globally go to tech firms founded by women. Women, tech companies, and enterprise tech customers are held back because of the lack of diversity in the tech sector. Research has shown that more diverse teams leads to greater creativity, innovation, and ultimately, profitability. Tech is missing the leadership, expertise, creativity, perspective, and passion of women. This week Voices for Innovation featured a guest blog to discuss the ongoing challenges that women face in accessing the tech sector. We showcased a great new VFI-supported WIC Azure Training and Certification Scholarship program that you may want to share this program with women looking to upskill or enter the tech sector.

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Partners with Women in Cloud Activate Economic Access Movement Among Fortune 100 Companies

Hitachi is supporting the #WICxFortune100 Initiative, a turnkey equity access program for Fortune 100 corporations to come together to collectively solve gender-equity challenges. Women in Cloud is committed to developing the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of cloud computing, to lead initiatives around cloud computing for gender parity; by supporting the #WICxFortune100 Initiative, Hitachi is committed to supporting the growth of the global economy through the advancement of gender inclusion.

A New Partnership is in Town! Women in Cloud and SHEROES Join Forces to Create Economic Impact

The pandemic brought out a new digital lifestyle we are all forced to embrace, while uncertainty and chaos looms over our heads. But as everybody is accepting the new normal, we have some exciting news to share. Women in Cloud and SHEROES are announcing a collaborative partnership to advance women tech founders and leaders in India to drive economic development goals.

Women In Cloud Partners With Innovation Women Visibility Bureau

“What makes Women in Cloud powerful is our community. By sharing our stories, we inspire innovation. By banding together, we change laws. By leveraging our personal networks, we create new opportunities. It is through collective action that we will help women entrepreneurs access $1 billion in economic access by 2030,” said Chaitra Vedullapalli, WiC co-founder and president.

Smart apparel startup B’zT wins Women in Cloud #CloudInnovateHer Pitch Challenge

The panel of judges voted for the final winner among the 11 women-led companies based on the originality of the idea, market feasibility, and use of cloud and AI in the technology solution.

Smart apparel startup B’zT that makes machine-­washable tracking devices embedded in kid-friendly T-shirts and patches won the inaugural #CloudInnovateHer Pitch Challenge organized today (May 1) as a digital event by Women in Cloud, a global organization engaged in helping women tech entrepreneurs develop, showcase and win enterprise customers.

Women in Cloud kicks off New York cohort of Microsoft Cloud Accelerator

Build an enterprise-ready cloud business with Women in Cloud Accelerator

Did you know, Wendy Garcia Chief Diversity Officer at NY Comptroller’s office presented a proclamation on Jan 25th, 2020 to support Women In Cloud as a strategic program for advancing women tech entrepreneurs in New York. To advance the women tech entrepreneurs, WIC is launching cloud accelerator, 6-month program to assist women-led tech companies to strategically partner with Microsoft and their channel partners to get you ready to win enterprise opportunities in the private and public sector.

Drum Roll! Inaugural Global #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge Winner: Automaton

Women in Cloud, is pleased to announce “Automaton” as the winner for the Inaugural #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge. This pitch challenge was designed to showcase enterprise solutions developed by women tech entrepreneurs.

Announcing the finalists for the inaugural Women In Cloud #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge

Women In Cloud is pleased to announce the 5 finalists for the Inaugural #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge. This pitch challenge aims to help women tech entrepreneurs across the global market develop, showcase, and win enterprise customers.

Women in Cloud Summit 2020-The UN of Cloud Brands, Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Policy Makers & Global Leaders

Women in Cloud (WiC), a community-led economic development initiative supporting and promoting the growth of women in technology and entrepreneurial ventures, is hosting the annual Women in Cloud Summit 2020 at Microsoft Conference Center – Building 33, Redmond, Washington on January 25, 2020.

Women in Cloud Announces Second Annual Summit

Today the Women in Cloud organization announced the second annual Women in Cloud Summit. With the theme of “Accelerate,” this year’s Summit connects women-led cloud companies directly with cloud industry leaders to provide access to acceleration programs and opportunities to participate in thought-leadership sessions that support their business growth. Hosted on January 26th, 2019 in Redmond Washington, the Women in Cloud Summit call for speakers is now open.