Cloud computing not only revolutionized the world around me, but also my life journey.  I first started using cloud computing resources as a Principal Scientist in Cancer Research.  The freedom and ability to analyze any amount of data at a reasonable cost and within a relatively short time-frames not only empowered me as a scientist, but also enabled me to start my own company as an entrepreneur.  At the time, I attended a cloud computing conference where in his keynote address, Andy Jassy (CEO of Amazon Web Services) expressed to the audience how using cloud computing resources can provide users with the power to “create your own destiny”.  As I sat there in the audience, I felt the impact of those words on so many levels. 

I believe that cloud computing provides access to the latest technological advances and in doing so, serves to empower any innovator from anywhere in the world to create freely without the burdens of societal suppressions due to prejudice and economic inequality.  For individuals who have historically been underrepresented in Science & Technology, this is certainly life changing. Cloud computing enables more inclusive economies providing equal opportunity to underrepresented individuals, and also provides opportunities for leadership so that those same individuals are now contributing to subsequent economic development.

I am passionate about empowering women to be economically and intellectually free to  “create their own destinies” and am excited to participate on a panel discussing the emerging trends in cloud computing and how these technological advances might inspire and empower women to take a bold new path of their choosing.  The Women in Cloud Summit 2020 is about taking action. So, join me and the other panelists and take this opportunity to discuss emerging technological trends, share ideas, and inspire each other to create a better future where women flourish as equal innovators and technology leaders.   Purchase tickets to the summit today, and be a part of the change.

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