I first learned about Women in Cloud at the B Corp Champions’ Retreat, and I am so excited to find this community of women who are aligned in purpose. I chose to leave the Bay Area startup scene because of my frustration with the privilege, entitlement, and discrimination that are so pervasive in the companies I worked for. My path in digital entrepreneurship and marketing has led to my strong belief that job creation is one of the most beneficial things a human can do. Take that belief, add to it my passionate inclusive feminism and my broad experience with the internet and you’ve got a perfect match with Women in Cloud. 

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this community is my strong belief that every time we open our wallets, we are choosing a side. Personally, I do as much as I can to choose the side of women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and other underestimated entrepreneurs. It is not just about how we spend our money, though. If we who identify as “underestimated” all boldly identify ourselves in our brands and our businesses, then it empowers others to choose us intentionally. This doesn’t just increase our opportunity among like-minded audience members, but will also increase awareness and opportunity for others like us. If we can get more people to be more conscious of the tremendous power that all participants in our economy hold, we can make things better for everyone.

So for me, my hope in joining the WIC community is that I’ll be able to both teach and learn:

  1. I want to support women entrepreneurs so that they have super efficient early stage marketing, resulting in quicker growth and less investment to scale, so that you own bigger chunks of your own success.
  2. I want to learn more about what is needed from folks like me. What questions do you have that you can’t find answers to? What are the best channels for me to share resources? Entrepreneurship is lonely, and I want everyone in the community to feel seen and supported.

I’m so excited that I’ll get to start working on that first goal with the content of my talk at the upcoming Summit! I know that launch marketing is tough–most entrepreneurs are still evolving your brand, your personas, and probably even your product. You do not have a lot of time or a ton of money to pay consultants, but communities like Women in Cloud exist to support and guide you through such tricky positions businesses and entrepreneurs often find themselves in. 

My presentation will give you the tools (with links to make them your own!) to define a shockingly practical and strategic marketing plan for your business. Instead of feeling guilty for not doing enough, I’ll teach you how to make your to do list shorter by getting more impact from your efforts.

We will talk through the MVPs of your essential marketing assets to get started and how to use them to create something you can start implementing on the Monday after the summit. The result is a part-time marketer’s dream: an actionable, strategically-informed content plan, so that you are empowered to build your audience and your opportunity.

My deepest joy is to empower women in their entrepreneurship. Absolutely anything I can do to advise, validate, or otherwise support, count me in! Purchase tickets today and experience a community like no other. I will be thrilled to talk to anyone who has questions about marketing, messaging, social media, audience growth, team growth, conscious leadership, efficiency in business practices, or knitting!

To get more information visit the summit website, and don’t forget to apply the 20% discount code: JOINME@WIC

See you there! Take action by joining our online network to get engaged today!