Women continue to receive low single digit percentages of venture capital nationwide and worldwide. Yet, women startup leaders consistently return ~35% higher ROI to their funds. While just 0.06% of all companies will ever receive venture capital funding, these companies are the cream of the crop. Yet 80% of every venture capital funded company fails within five years. Clearly, venture capital funding is not the right match for many high potential startups.

I joined the Women in Cloud to help women better understand the broader funding options available to them so they build brilliant companies, hold onto the optimal percentage of their equity, and thrive. I believe there is a huge economic push women will contribute to, if shown the direction and given an opportunity. I am extremely passionate about equity and parity in access to the opportunities of business entrepreneurship. 

Money is power. We may not like that equation, but we had better deal with it! Until women have the advantages of their male colleagues in entrepreneurship, we have not achieved our goals. 

On January 25, at the Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I will be speaking on a business track panel at 11:45am, as well as meeting attendees at the Meet the Speaker Table and possibly a roundtable (look for it and sign up!) to investors about the powerful data behind the financial advantages of investing in women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs about how to capitalize early stage startups beyond conventional equity investment models. 

We do not use one piece of software; we use an IT stack. Likewise, do not think, “I must exchange equity for cash.” Think instead about your complete capitalization stack. Understanding the full suite of options available to you as a founder will increase your chances of surviving and thriving in business.

Purchase tickets here and join us on January 25th. Our collective forces and resources can increase access to technology careers and entrepreneurship for women; indeed. We ‘vote’ with our dollars. Where and how we invest our own capital makes the difference between putting up with the status quo and actually making change happen.

To get more information visit the summit website, and apply this 20% discount code: JOINME@WIC

See you there! Take action by joining our online network today!