I am fortunate to have had a career in tech for the last 20 years. When I graduated from Computer Science, roughly 30 percent of my class were women. As my career progressed to software engineering leadership, those numbers declined to a point I was one among few women in my position. It was through this growth that I realized that the power is in our hands. We drive our career and it is in our inner strength that allows us to be successful. I also acknowledged that the journey is hard, and as such, it is all of our duty to help others along the way. Women in Cloud’s mission is just about that.  It is “to inspire, empower and accelerate the growth of women-led technology companies.” I want to join these amazing women to fulfil that mission.

I am passionate about helping women find that inner strength and accelerate in their journey. I was fortunate to have gained diverse experience from both startups and enterprises, engineering, management, and family life. Taking part in the Women in Cloud Summit 2020 will allow me to leverage that experience for the good of others. My personal journey is still in the making. Through this summit, I wish to be inspired by other women leaders and see how we all can connect to drive change together.

At the summit, I will take part in a tech panel about consideration of Building and Architecting in the cloud. By doing so I hope to serve as an example and inspire women to stay and grow their career in tech and in software engineering.

I am  humbled to meet women entrepreneurs and startup founders, learning their paths and seeing how they set goals to enable their companies to be successful. I am fascinated to see the courage needed to make this leap and invest all in a dream. I am also interested to connect to executive women leaders to learn how they made a difference to diversity and inclusion within their organizations. 

Economic inclusion ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the economy. However we are not there yet! It is true that in some areas we are closer, as years of fighting and changing laws and behaviors helped make that difference. Yet, there is a long way ahead. The change starts  at our homes, our offices, and then is taken out to society. Come join us change society today, purchase tickets today to the summit and be a part of the inclusive community of tomorrow.

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See you there! 

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