If there are women who feel left behind in their careers, women who cannot see a future that includes them, women who want more and want to work for managers and companies that value them and invest in them – those are the women I want to talk with while at Women in Cloud Summit 2020. We are truly stronger when we all take responsibility for ensuring the success of everyone around us. This applies to workplaces and the greater world in which we all want to co-exist. No one is going to create that for you – we need everyone to participate and move forward together. Women in Cloud as a community ensures this and helps everybody involved reach their success.

Having spent the first 20+ years of my career in technology, I know all too well the challenges women face in that space, and I want to use my current position and platform to accelerate their success. It’s simple. By working together to amplify the work of the women around us, by sharing our power with each other and lifting each other along the way, we will all benefit. So often, we leave it to someone else to move us forward. I believe Women in Cloud is a community designed to do exactly that. I want to challenge all women to take that upon ourselves and contribute in whatever way we can to helping every other woman around us succeed. And it’s very possible!

My consulting work and my book are wholly focused on the ways women can work within their organizations and industries to clear a path for others to more easily achieve success. This summit, I will focus on exactly that as a speaker. I want every woman who hears my talk or meet me at the summit to leave with new perspectives and tactical ideas on how they can start to create a workplace that works for everyone.

I am extremely thrilled to witness the coming together of professionals from all over the world for the Women in Cloud Summit 2020. Events like this, which bring together different people and help create access and connect is the key to new age learning and business. Come meet me at the summit. Purchase ticketstoday!

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See you there! 

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