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As of 2020, only 14.2 percent of cloud computing jobs were held by women, and projections suggest that this figure is not improving. At Women In Cloud, we firmly believe that economic growth should be inclusive, and this begins with providing equal opportunities for all to access digital skills.

When Microsoft launched Azure training with Coursera, they recognized the importance of including scholarships for women. They approached Women In Cloud to partner with us because we share their commitment to Inclusive Workforce Goals and we have the infrastructure and audience to reach those who need it most. Their goal was to test three hypotheses:

  1. What does it take for women to be job-ready in cloud technologies?
  2. What partnerships are needed to deliver credentialing and hands-on learning?
  3. What wrap-around services do women require to secure jobs in the tech industry?

Our collaboration with Microsoft leaders and experts led to an analysis of the path to $100K cloud tech jobs. Technical certification, career development skills, and hands-on work experience emerged as crucial factors for employment success. Our first step was to provide access to Coursera Training and Microsoft Certification scholarships. Over the past 15 months, we have distributed over 3,000 scholarships to individuals across 65 countries. Furthermore, we launched a monthly career development series that focuses on imparting critical essential skills. In just six months, over 2,500 individuals have benefited from this program.

But one of the biggest challenges that women face in achieving true job readiness is a lack of access to hands-on experience, which is why we are asking Microsoft partners to pledge and contribute.

Watch our coverage at Microsoft Inspire 2023 with Debbie Uttecht.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest initiative—the Collective Cloud Apprentice Program. It is our latest effort to foster gender diversity in cloud computing roles, ensuring a brighter, more equitable future in talent acquisition for the tech industry.

Our program aims to equip women with the vital skills and firsthand experience required to thrive in the cloud computing arena. We offer apprenticeships in design, operations, sales, marketing, and technical roles, empowering women with the practical knowledge that they need to excel.

By participating in the Cloud Apprentice Program, companies will not only be investing in talent, but they will also be contributing to a more innovative and productive tech industry as a whole. Studies have shown that diversity in the workplace leads to more innovation and creativity.

By partnering with Women In Cloud through the Collective Cloud Apprentice Program, you’ll be an active participant in creating a tech industry that prioritizes equality with actions and not just words. By expanding your talent pool with skilled, ambitious women who are ready to make their mark, you will be taking one of the most important initiatives the tech industry can focus on today to create a more equitable, thriving future for us all.

The key benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Access to a ready-made program with more than 100,000 members across 26 countries, 2000+ certified cloud professionals
  • Sponsored by Microsoft
  • Flexible hiring options
  • Discovery of candidate potential and cultivation of their expertise
  • A more affordable investment towards building a brighter future

Women in Cloud aims to partner with 100 companies to create three new jobs per partner, resulting in 300 net new jobs for women in the tech industry.

Projected Launch Date: October 30th, 2023.

If you are ready to partner with us, then you’re actively paving the way for a tech industry that values equality with their actions, not just their words.

Don’t miss the chance to expand your talent pool with skilled, ambitious women ready to make their mark and creating a more equitable future wherever everyone can thrive.

Join us in our mission to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry by becoming a partner today, transforming your workforce, organization, and the tech ecosystem as a whole.

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Amid a rapidly changing world of work, certification programs from technology companies such as Microsoft are highly relevant. Skilling and upskilling opportunities are key for economic security, career growth, and business development. Women in Cloud is teaming up with Microsoft and Coursera to introduce 250 new scholarships for all learners. WIC and Microsoft’s Azure scholarships will focus on AI and cybersecurity to meet the developing needs of the tech industry. 


There are currently 3.4 million cybersecurity jobs that need to be filled across the globe. WIC and Microsoft are aiming to bridge that gap by promoting a free scholarship opportunity and supporting diversity in tech. The scholarship is available to all genders and all regions around the world with an emphasis on supporting women and other marginalized people as they start (or continue) their journey in tech. Current research shows that women only make up approximately 24% of the cybersecurity workforce this underrepresentation increases the labor shortage, and this shortage increases digital threats on companies who do not have a large enough team to deal with adapting cybersecurity threats. 


WIC, with input from Microsoft and Coursera, has decided that along with cybersecurity, AI training for the WIC community is essential. This focus is important because of the growing influence of AI. Businesses are looking to automate some processes with AI to help with the talent shortage while also still benefiting their employees. With some basic systems relying on AI, employees would be able to spend more time innovating, training costs and time would be reduced, and future employees from “nontraditional” backgrounds could be more easily identified.   


“At Women in Cloud, our mission is to empower every member of our community to build technical, business, and leadership capacity to thrive in the $7 Trillion Cloud and AI Ecosystem,” said Chaitra Vedullapalli, President and Co-Founder of WIC. “This includes expanding access to training and skilling opportunities for women to excel in the ever-changing technology landscape.”


The curriculum, provided by Microsoft and Coursera, will begin in July 2023 with Azure AI Fundamentals and will grow to include Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate and Microsoft Power BI Developer/Analyst Professional Certificate after they are released on Coursera’s platform in early and late summer 2023. Furthermore, scholarship students can work directly with the WIC team to access any Microsoft specialization or professional certification program available on the Coursera platform. There will be 2,000 Microsoft certification vouchers available for scholarship recipients who complete a full Microsoft specialization or professional certificate through the scholarship program.

Join us at #WICxInspire2023: Cloud B2B Partnerships Summit where women B2B SaaS founders, CEOs, and cloud tech leaders come together to unlock B2B Opportunities and build Customer-First GTM Strategies Leveraging Marketplaces.


Collaborate with industry leaders, attend interactive workshops, and network with like-minded individuals to elevate your business. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape the future of B2B partnerships in the tech industry. Register now and be part of this unique opportunity to take your business to the next level. In addition, be part of the celebration of icons and role models at #empowHERaccess 2023 Awards ceremony.


 #WICxInspire2023 is designed to empower women tech founders and cloud channel companies to build game-changing B2B partnerships that create new customer demand and opportunities, driving innovation in the tech industry.


“At Teradata, we understand that collaboration is the key to wide-scale growth and success in today’s complex tech landscape,” said Jacqueline Woods, Chief Marketing Officer of Teradata. “In fact, we pride ourselves on our partner-centric approach, so we are delighted to work with Women in Cloud to present #WICxInspire2023. Promoting the importance of like-minded B2B partnerships is critical to enabling growth throughout the cloud tech industry.”


Despite women making up only one-third of B2B sales jobs, research shows that they often outperform their male counterparts. In fact, a recent survey by Xactly, a SaaS-based solution provider, found that 86% of women surveyed achieved their sales quota, compared to 78% of men. This highlights the importance of creating opportunities for women to establish B2B partnerships in the tech industry.


“Women tech entrepreneurs are currently represented at only 2% in the enterprise digital transformation,” shared Chaitra Vedullapalli, President of Women in Cloud, she continued, “If women are given a platform to establish game-changing B2B partnerships, it will significantly impact and develop innovative SAAS solutions, create jobs, and significantly impact global GDP.”


Set to take place on July 20, 2023, this Flagship event gives attendees a unique opportunity to network via virtual summit with like-minded individuals including SaaS Founders, CEOs, and Cloud channel companies to build new connections, share insights and experiences, and create innovative B2B partnerships that drive growth and success.


The agenda includes:

  • Opening Remarks & Teradata with Nancy Watt as our EMCEE and Andrea Onilude from Teradata
  • Keynote: Decoding Digital: Building Game-Changing Partnerships for the Future (Recorded Session) – by John Datan, SVP and General Manager at Insight
  • CXO Panel1: The Future of Cloud B2B Partnerships: Trends and Predictions – Kristen Miller as a Moderator and the Panelists: AnneMarie Dev, Robin Liebowitz and Anu Mohan
  • #Cloud GTM: Insights from Cosell Market Research & Key Takeaways with Chaitra Vedullapalli and Chip Rodgers
  • CXO Panel2: Navigating the Complexities of Cloud B2B Partnerships: Best Practices and Lessons Learned – Karen Fassio as a moderator and the panelists: Allison Mcfadden and Kate Mayer
  • #CloudFounder Bootcamp: Strategies secure GTM Funding for generating joint customer acquisition with Jen Dawson and Chaitra Vedullapalli
  • CXO Panel3: Building Trust and Credibility with Customers: How Cloud Hyperscalers are Empowering their Channel Partners – Moderator : Regina Johnson and the Panelists: Danny Brown, Lesley Scholes, Colleen Hoagland
  • Ask The Experts & Networking – Moderator: Chaitra Vedullapalli and the Panelists: Dexter Harding, Danny Brown, Karen Fassio, Eddie Bader, Jason Boggs, Jennifer Estes
  • #empowHERaccess Awards Journey with WIC (Share insights & partnership details)
  • Closing Remarks & Accenture B2B Coaching Program Announcement


The event will culminate in a formal in-person awards ceremony, recognizing Winners of the 2023 #empowHERaccess Awards that honor entrepreneurs, businesses, leaders, and allies who have ignited equitable economic access and facilitated inclusive and sustainable spaces for women tech entrepreneurs and professionals.


Register for the #WICxInspire 2023 here:

And for the In-Person #WICxICONS dinner and #empowHERaccess Celebration here:


Women in Cloud (WIC) and Accenture have joined forces to deliver a groundbreaking B2B coaching program designed specifically for women tech founders. This world-class program aims to help female entrepreneurs break into enterprise opportunities and accelerate their growth in the industry.


The program targets B2B tech female founders with a minimum of 2 years in business and at least one successful pilot. Eligible participants must have a SaaS tech solution built on Cloud Hyperscaler infrastructure such as Microsoft Cloud, AWS, or Google Cloud. Plus open to invest in cosell-led GTM activities to capture market share with Accenture and others.

Over six months, participants will commit 14 hours to the program, including 4 hours in meetings and 10+ hours in coaching sessions. They will lead the scheduling of meetings and maintain ongoing communication with Accenture business leaders.

Throughout the program, B2B Women Tech Founders will:

  • Explore industry alignments, product fit, and technology roadmaps.
  • Build relationships with industry leaders.
  • Provide feedback and ideas to improve the program.
  • Attend mandatory kickoff, closing, and check-in sessions led by Women in Cloud and Accenture (max of 3.5 hours over 6 months).

This innovative coaching program pairs female founders with Accenture executives and their customers, offering unparalleled industry-leading support. 

“It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to mentor CEOs of emerging technology companies, and I’m grateful to have met, worked with, and learned from three awesome startup founders during the WIC/Accenture Coaching Program”, said Accenture mentor Greg Reiser, Managing Director of Cloud First Networks. “Anytime someone takes your advice and then comes back to thank you for the impact you’ve made on their business, it’s extremely rewarding.” 

With B2B Women Tech founders strategically matched with Accenture Executives whose expertise aligns with their unique industry experience and business needs, this program is the ultimate tool to take your business to the next level and unlocks access to funding such as Microsoft Partner Capital Fund, Founder First Capital Partners, Chai Angels, Masterfund and others.

The program has already delivered valuable insights to entrepreneurs, with Accenture mentors focusing on refining product-market fit, developing industry partnerships, and finding and acquiring customers. The collaboration also allows Accenture to explore opportunities to adopt emerging technologies and provide strategic co-market and co-sell insights.

“Our time with Lori was extremely valuable. We discussed our purpose, target market, technical options and strategy, and contracting with enterprises”, said participant Andrea Sorenson, CEO & Co-Founder of Liiingo. “Her insights have helped us understand our options, make key decisions, and develop a clearer strategy. Lori asked great questions, understood our challenges, and offered her insights with respect and encouragement.”

Requirements to get engaged:

  • Complete WIC Founder Application which takes 15 to 25 minutes. 
  • Once you are qualified, you will be required to process nominal operational fees of $295. This program will automatically qualify you to participate in #WICxTOP100 Brand Visibility Program.
  • Then, you will be invited to participate in the B2B Coaching Program for 6 months. 


To know more about the program visit the B2B Founder Coaching Program Page

Learn about Women in Cloud’s partnership with Accenture and join the movement to empower women in the tech industry.

Join us for an exciting and informative event as we dive into the world of aerospace and explore how cloud computing is revolutionizing the industry. The WICxCLOUDCXO Series brings together industry leaders, experts, and executives to discuss the latest advancements in cloud technology and their impact on the aerospace sector.

This event is designed for Corporate Executive Women and Allies, GSI Leaders, SAAS and MSP Founders, and Women Exploring Career Opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to learn from industry leaders and connect with like-minded professionals.

CXO Keynote: The Cloud Takes Flight: How Cloud Computing is Reshaping Aerospace

Our keynote speaker, Niki Allen, CIO/CTO of Boeing Corporation, will share her insights on how cloud computing is transforming the aerospace industry. She will discuss the benefits of adopting cloud technology, the opportunities in this industry, and the future of aerospace in the age of cloud and AI computing.

Thought Leadership Panel: Reimagining Aerospace with Cloud Computing: A Look into the Future

This thought-provoking panel discussion will be moderated by Brenda Berger, Product Manager and will feature the following panelists:

  • Naina Dhareshwar, Executive Director
  • Duke McMillin, Director of Enterprise Cloud Solutions
  • Adam Johnson, Executive Director, Software Engineering
  • Aarti Singh, Sr. Director IT&DA and CIO Boeing India
  • Jennifer Davis, IT Director of Engineering Systems

These industry experts will share their perspectives on how cloud computing is driving innovation in aerospace, the challenges and opportunities it presents, and what the future holds for this rapidly evolving sector.

Attend Breakout Room – Cloud Technology Innovations

In this interactive breakout session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the latest cloud technology innovations and their applications in aerospace. Learn from our advisors:

  • Naina Dhareshwar, Executive Director
  • Duke McMillin, Director of Enterprise Cloud Solutions
  • Adam Johnson, Executive Director, Software Engineering
  • Aarti Singh, Sr. Director IT&DA and CIO Boeing India
  • Brenda Berger, Product Manager

A Day In A Life of Boeing Executives

Get a glimpse into the daily lives of Boeing executives as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by cloud computing in the aerospace industry.

This unique session will provide valuable insights into the decision-making processes and strategies employed by these leaders.

Register for this event now and be part of the conversation as we explore the future of aerospace and cloud computing.