About Accenture

Investing in ESG driven community engagement is an opportunity to support your company that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance. The #WiCxFortune100 initiative is focused on providing turn-key equity advancing solutions for companies to come together and collectively solve gender-equity challenges through representation, recruitment and relationship building. Focused on creating access, accelerating representation and unlocking connections, Women in Cloud will continue nurturing and empowering women professionals, founders and allies with opportunities to become EPIC leaders with our new model for driving community ROI.

In 2022, we were supported by Boeing, Google, Avanade, Teradata, Meylah, Female Founder First, Insight, Microsoft, Kyndryl and KPMG. These partners financially support WIC solutions because they want to closely work with women tech leaders and founders, want to associate their brands with ESG driven outcomes, intellectually grow women in the ERG’s and /or find direct value in programs.