How many times have you used a product and the way you used it wasn’t quite right?

Have you stopped to think that perhaps that design team did not have a woman represented in the use cases or product engineering?

When you consider that 88% of all information technology patents (from 1980–2010) were invented by male-only invention teams while only 2 percent were invented by female-only invention teams, these and other statistics sadly tell us that the technology the world uses was created by a team with mostly male-orientation.

We also see that the “quit rate” where women exit technology roles is at twice the rate of men, 41% women and 17% men respectively with 56% quit rate for women in technology occupations versus science (47%) and engineering (39%) occupations from a study spanning 12 years.

According to IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens, “We’ll see massive upshifts in commitment to Digital Transformation initiatives, 3rd Platform IT, the cloud, coders, data pipelines, the Internet of Things, cognitive services, industry cloud platforms, and customer numbers and connections.  Now is the time for women to be engaged in technology like no other time before.  The cornerstones of technology that will serve us all in the future are being set now and women need to have a voice and be deeply involved with leading all aspects of technology design, development, standards, and policy.  And it’s why we truly believe that now we have a chance to take our innovations and technical know-how into the cloud where there are truly no ceilings on what we can do.

Even before our inaugural Women in Cloud event on January 19, additional female technology community connections are already underway with the representation of Women in Cloud at the Cloud Now event in Mt View, CA with other markets like New York and Tunisia are in the discussion.

Join us at the Women in Cloud Summit

Our first community summit is January 19, 2018, hosted at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.  This gathering kicks off the first of a series of community building activities which will include topics on business leadership, technical cloud innovations, and community building topics.  You can view the agenda for the event here.

The Women in Cloud Summit runs 8:30 am-1:00 pm and registration are $99.  Use offer code “WIC2018” and receive 25% discount until Jan 15, 2018 date.   Capacity is limited and tickets will be honored first come, first served.  You can find the link to register here:

We look forward to seeing you!

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