The reports on the under-representation of women in technology come as little surprise to many of us with careers in IT.  Women hold 57 percent of all professional occupations, yet they hold only 25% of all computing occupations.

Women-led businesses are eligible to receive 1/8 of the funding available and when funded, women technical entrepreneurs receive 23 percent less funding than male technical entrepreneurs.  Yet women-led private tech companies achieve a return on investment 35 percent higher than male-led companies and bring in 12 percent higher revenue when venture-backed.  This means fewer technical innovations will come from women and for those who are able to take on all of the risks and launch their own startup,  they will do so mostly on their own and by using personal financing.

The leaders of Women in Cloud have spent many years in technology and understand the challenges women at all phases and professions in technology face.  We see the opportunity for women to leap forward in the Cloud—creating innovations and building their business in the cloud from the start.  The mission of Women in Cloud is to ensure women are leading innovations and opportunity in the Cloud, and we are committed to providing access to technical and business resources for the cloud, curating credible sources of support and connection with industry-leading organizations, and facilitating and growing a community of motivated, business building, technology-driven women.

Join us at the Women in Cloud Summit

Our first community summit is January 19, 2018, hosted at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.  This gathering kicks off the first of a series of community building activities which will include topics on business leadership, technical cloud innovations, and community building topics.  You can view the agenda for the event here.

The Women in Cloud Summit runs 8:30 am- 1:00 pm and registration are $99.  Use offer code “WIC2018” and receive 25% discount until Dec15th, 2017 date.   Capacity is limited and tickets will be honored first come, first served.  You can find the link to register here:

We look forward to seeing you!

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