Hailing from a traditionally non-tech background, I always encourage women from storytelling, content creation, and creative industries to incorporate technology and not dismiss it. Technology can be a powerful tool when utilized to diversify projects and develop careers even in non-tech streams. Communities like Women in Cloud are employing technology to ensure underrepresented voices are heard and women get a seat at the business table. As a CEO not only am I trying to create a moment, I want to uplift the movements of groups like Women in Cloud, Back Stage Capital, or Female Founders Fund, to ensure collaborative effort leading to tangible results. 

I am incredibly passionate about how we can increase empathy, particularly through storytelling that touches the real world. Hence, it is only natural that at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021, I will be talking about how storytelling and public space have the power to bridge cultural divides. My talk will focus on utilizing creative elements in conjunction with technology; with some key takeaways on how different industries can use new interactive storytelling formats and tools to build their local economies, increase engagement in their stories, brand, or movement, and convert empathy into action for the causes they champion.

I think it is incredibly crucial to bring women into technological and non-technical conversations to increase inclusive economic impact. For that effort, I am actively collaborating with Women in Cloud and other organizations (perhaps even you?) to fund technological platforms that will activate large passion economy pools, that give women who do not want to work full-time in corporations a way to make a decent living/career while also being able to spend time with their families. If we start introducing policies and companies like that enable this, the ripple effect is inevitable. 

Stepping into 2021, we must pledge to partner on actions and not just words. Pooling our resources and building partnerships that offer physical, tangible tools that allow for inclusion beyond the social-economic situation you come from is what collective power means. It’s time to take collective action today! Remember, “You can’t wait to be picked, you have to create your own opportunities.”

Join me at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021, this January and let us collectively take action to combine storytelling and technology to create an empathetic world. 

Book Your Spot today with a 15% discount, and get on board to witness the Collective Power of Women in the technology industry from around the world! 

I highly recommend the following Interactive Experiences for you to participate and expand your network: 

  1. 28 January: Learn about Tech Industry at their opening plenary with Former Prime Minister of Canada, Rt Honorable Kim Campbell and Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster 
  2. 28 January: Explore Cloud Jobs at #CloudJobs Fair & Recruitment Lounge
  3. 28 January: Meet Black Founders
  4. 29 January: Master your pitch at #RockYourPitch Experience
  5. 29 January: Get access to mentorship from Cloud Industry leaders
  6. 30 January: Get your kids to participate in Youth Mentorship Circle
  7. 30 January: Make New Friends at Scavenger Hunt 

Also, join WIC Digital Network to be part of the global economic access movement.