Sarah Muckler-Visser

Sarah Muckler-Visser joined Microsoft in 2012 to lead Worldwide Health Marketing after 15 years in the Health IT industry. In this role she built the industry’s largest marketing engine globally, leading the global health marketing strategy and execution to 194 countries, 74 subsidiaries, and for the entire Microsoft product suite. Today, she is accountable for the world’s largest through-channel marketing engine in the IT cloud market today. Muckler-Visser is focused on continued growth for Microsoft and partners in driving cloud customers for partners at scale and providing access to partners in ways they can reach together with Microsoft. Prior to coming to Microsoft, Muckler-Visser’s roles were within the healthcare privacy, security, and compliance space as well as patient care. With a deep background in healthcare IT, she spent 10 years in product and marketing management within the radiology information space, where she spearheaded the RIS and Reporting business for the US in both private and public sector. Sarah Muckler-Visser is committed to the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem and the innovation they bring to the customers they serve.

Team charter: To stimulate market demand and accelerate cloud customer acquisition at scale for the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. The vision will be achieved with a three prong approach, to first deliver the best GTM program in the cloud IT market today, drive a world-class Go-To-Marketing digital experience for the world’s most innovative CMO’s in marketing with Microsoft, and to digitally transform operations through implementing an industry-leading mar-tech stack at a global scale.