As CEO of Chai Angels Rajiv invests in the companies of tomorrow and is proud to have made investments in 30 female founders and counting! His aim is to bring a breath of fresh air to VC with a unique portfolio approach and a unique mission. His interest in supporting female founders is a result of having 3 daughters. Rajiv has a career that combines a long history of investing and entrepreneurship. He had a successful IPO exit as an early employee of Marketo in 2013.

Economic developer with expertise in growing inclusive, local economies through entrepreneurship, small businesses, workforce, and tourism development programs. Experience working with scalable start-ups and Main Street entrepreneurs.

I am the Director of Cloud Alliances at Amperity. My passion is to create and implement strategies and tactics to achieve audacious business goals. My experience included P&L management at Remitly, a high growth startup, where I was responsible for launching and incubating remittance corridors in Europe and Asia. At Microsoft, my experience included designing and implementing partner programs that establish Microsoft as the leading provider of Cloud Services. I started my career as an investment analyst in the hedge fund industry, working for fund management firms in London, Boston, and Seattle. I was responsible for identifying, structuring, and owning the performance of fund of hedge fund portfolios for institutions and family offices.

Patti Dobrowolski, author of 9 TIPS to UP YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS and DRAWING SOLUTIONS: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life, is founder of Up Your Creative Genius, a consulting firm that uses visuals and creative processes to help companies and individuals around the world accelerate growth and change. A critically acclaimed comic performer, internationally recognized keynote and 3x TEDx speaker, writer and business consultant, she has brought innovative visual practices to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and small businesses. Her consulting career spans 25 years working to design, develop and facilitate workshops with all levels of organizations across multiple industries to help them more effectively manage changes they are facing.