The movement has begun! With the launch of the first-ever Lunch and Learn Series led by Hitachi Solutions in collaboration with Women in Cloud, the Women in Cloud’s #Fortune100 initiative is starting a new revolution in the technology industry. 

#WICxFortune100 Lunch & Learn Series is a networking experience designed to open the doors for leading fortune companies and brands to connect with technology business builders. This intimate learning series offers a space to learn about how to do business with Fortune companies, understand their company culture, and get access to decision-makers and procurement officers.

Under the leadership of Sharan Hildebrand, Hitachi Solutions, a business application consulting firm and trusted provider of vertical industry solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud, joined the Fortune 100 Initiative launched by Women in Cloud to make opportunities available for women in their network accessible. 

With Sharon Hildebrand, Vice President, Hitachi Solutions setting the stage for the panel discussion, the session was off to a great start. Sharon highlighted Hitachi’s dedication to the mission at hand. “Contribution is our keyword. Our vision to contribute to society through the development of superior technical products must welfare and benefit our employees, and customers. As a part of the Tokyo-based Hitachi limited, we are dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse environment for all our partners.

The Lunch and Learn Series Panel hosted, Mayr Tarvin, Director of Business Development, Hitachi Solutions; Lisa Mitchell, Vice President Human Resources, Hitachi Solutions; Sharon Hildebrand, Vice President, Hitachi Solutions and was moderated by Meg Johnson, Business Manager, Hitachi Solutions. 

The power panel dived into a discussion about career experiences and growth, Hitachi’s organizational culture, and also about opportunities Hitachi creates in the industry for female technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and leaders to contribute to an inclusive economy. 

Hitachi often organizes programs and sessions for employees and leaders which helps in adopting a growth mindset. “As a team, we are committed to continuous learning with various programs and sessions at Hitachi. One of the programs revealed some important facts about Unconscious bias and its presence across the spectrum. Personally, this helped me identify areas in which I had to change my views. Being educated from leadership to down helps promote collective learning”, Mayr Tarvin spoke about one of the programs conducted in the organization.

The leaders from Hitachi Solutions also spoke about their organizational culture and environment. “In my opinion, perfection is overrated! Adopting the growth mindset means being okay with not knowing everything, and asking for assistance when required. This is something we encourage in Hitachi; we strongly believe that failing is a part of success in the long run.” Lisa Mitchell spoke about Hitachi’s work atmosphere. 

The importance of stepping back from the routine to do better, which Hitachi encourages, was also discussed. “Earlier in my career, work harder, longer and faster was equated with success, but often leads to burnout. However, my view of that philosophy has completely changed today. I truly believe that self-care and taking time to connect with friends, family, and yourself is critical for success. Stepping back from my routine helps me show up better!” shared Sharon.

Furthermore, Mayr also highlighted the inclusive work environment created at Hitachi, which enables female employees to be part of various initiatives within the organization; “Hitachi’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been stronger than ever before. With the launch of our program, Kansai women; launched with a small group of women two years ago in Seattle inspired by Women in Cloud to now over 100 people in this community has been a big achievement for us towards building a greater and inclusive organization.”

Finally, towards the end of the panel discussion, Lisa Mitchell spoke about Hitachi’s organizational values and commitment to serving its customers. “At Hitachi, our foundation is built on Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering Spirit. Layered on top of that foundation are three pillars; What our clients can expect, what our employees can expect, and what our company can expect from the employees. Our entire operations are built on these values and operations and we are committed to creating the best for our customers and employees,” Lisa added. 

“Come as you are today with a willingness to learn and grow, and we will provide you with tools to build your career, expand your knowledge base, and deepen your sense of self, all while having fun along the way.”

 Hitachi Solution to their employees

Hitachi Solutions will continue to provide resources for women tech entrepreneurs, leaders, and enthusiasts via the Fortune 100 Initiative.

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