Women. I believe women are the key element to solving several problems we are facing today in the society. I have always been passionate about helping women propel not only in business but also in society. I want to help change the future for women and our society for a sustainable and inclusive future. Women in Cloud is a community that shares these ideas with me, and I look forward to participating and being a part of a change that will make a difference for women in our industry. 

As a student at the University of Washington, I am passionate about changing the way women in college perceive the business world and want to create resources that young women can use to advance themselves in their professional lives. I am aware and have witnessed how women have struggled to get jobs and internships because they did not have the resources, or simply because they are ‘women’. This is the time for all of  us, as a society, to get together and help the new generation understand and implement the change that Women in Cloud is striving for.

Due to my interests in the said topic, I have been invited as a speaker at the third annual Women in Cloud Summit 2020. I am taking this opportunity to educate the audience about how we can help the younger generation of women by creating resources, and more importantly, opportunities for them. I will also speak about the importance of giving young women a leg up in the competition while they are in college, so that they can have a head start when they graduate. Attendees should expect to learn about what actions need to be taken to achieve change.

The summit brings together some of the most influential leaders in the industry, and I’m excited to network with other women in entrepreneurial roles in the tech industry. I want to understand their daily struggles and learnings, and take this information to my peers and other women who want to walk this path. Purchase tickets for the summit today and join us to celebrate and support women. 

To get more information visit the summit website, and don’t forget to apply the 20% discount code: JOINME@WIC

See you there! Take action by joining our online network to get engaged today!

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