Keep going- Press on.

Even when you are waiting, you need to keep pressing forward with what you want and not dwell on others’. It can be overwhelming to be in the zone of fear and waiting. 

Find something that you can do even if it feels as if it is an inefficient use of your time. Usually, time spent with intention is time spent well. It doesn’t have to serve a particular purpose for that time, but most likely, it will serve as a purpose at some point, and you can revert to it.

It is a deliberate practice so that when it matters- whatever ‘IT’ is for you… You will recognize the benefits of having applied your deliberate intention around it. Currently, my deliberate practices revolve around:

  • Talking with people.
  • Writing a note of my thoughts daily.
  • Working on my Why.
  • Being thoughtful in my communications with family and others.
  • Remembering my self-worth daily.
  • Paying attention to whom and what I give power.
  • Walking 4 – 5 miles daily.
  • Yoga.
  • Interview practicing is always a crapshoot of what results are garnered from these. 
  • Paying attention to my health.
  • Learning new ideas and ways of thinking so I can make better decisions.
  • Planning for retirement – it will happen someday, right?
  • Planning for vacations and trips – recharging is vital.

These all matter very much to me, and I find that when there is practice and intention around every one of them, I feel stronger, more empowered, at peace, and responsible. I share this with all of you because I believe the past two years have been a defining time for the world, especially for professional women and moms.

We have all had to adjust and readjust without any time for planning. In my opinion, it is a possible gift to have all plans thrown out the window globally and concurrently. It gave us the ability to reassess what is important and how we align with our priorities.

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