Living in the age of the hyper-connected world has brought us benefits and disadvantages. Well, that is the most common answer. Yes, almost all of us know the impact of technology and the problems it has caused. It is a bit ironic that more technologies and inventions are created every time to get easy the lives of human beings, even animals. Still, at the same, it is causing harm to human life and the environment. Who can imagine that keeping your emails unread and stored in your account can cause contamination? 

The first time I listened to it, I was directed to delete most emails I could. Your website can contaminate too, now, you are not only contaminating leaving your trash by there threw, using plastic bottles and so on. One of the benefits and disadvantages of the technologies is how they help us keep us connected. The contamination can generate, probably many of us think, “I’m sitting here on my couch working on my computer, I’m not generating contamination.” Still, hey, yes, you are provoking it. 

Everybody, or at least most of the population, noticed how technology helped us during the pandemic. Most people were not expecting something that the lifelike we knew it is no more. New solutions, inventions, and others have appeared. Online meetings have become daily life for many, many people around the world. You can be connected with whatever person in whatever place of the world if you have access to a good connection, internet, and a computer by chance.

Can you imagine how hard and displaced people feel without access to these benefits?. We live in a world so connected that probably we think that most people have these benefits. The reality is that there are people who don’t have them yet. So, can we say that we live in a world hyper-connected when many people don’t even have access to a computer and the internet? How many people live in a hyper-connected world? Maybe this hyper-connected world can be the hyper-inequal world too?}

Now we are going to space trips, AI, virtual reality, home assistants, robots preparing the coffee for you, ordering your food, clothes, and so on. Just with one click. Can we live a day without access to the internet? Yes, you can lose essential updates of what your buddy ate today and posted on Instagram stories. You lost the relevant topic of this person who became a trend for who knows what.

Just in one day without checking the phone or the internet and it seems that we have lost years. Many things happen in just 5 minutes on the internet, the news, trends, and whatever, and it spreads through the whole internet in seconds. It can be difficult not to know something because everything is so connected like it was a big world through screens, wires, and programs. So that is why we say that we live hyper-connected or hyper-consumed.

However, and as I mentioned before. Staying connected with others and creating new connections can benefit our personal and professional development. Especially since the pandemic started, technology has made it possible to accomplish things that years before were unthinkable—Especially for important events such as the WICxAnnualSummit 2022.

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