I have long been fascinated – and intimidated by – technology, AI, and the cloud environment. As a mindful multipreneur, the CEO and founder of a health insurance brokerage, and a meditation coach, my realm has always been in health, wellness, and people; I’ve always thought that technology was not for me.

But, as I’ve integrated technological concepts into my work, I’ve realized that true collaboration between our industries is necessary for the future of the world and especially the healthcare industry.  Within the technology field, I believe female empowerment will enhance the spirit and successes of this industry while achieving the goal of economic inclusion to all. Personally, my experience wouldn’t be the same without the support of the women around me. I understand the vulnerability, persistence and passion that is needed to make an impact in this industry. You know the saying, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats?’ When more opportunities arise for women to collaborate, learn, and evolve, innovation within this industry will reach a new level. We must support each other and advocate for the next generation as we build this inclusive community. 

“If we, as women, operate from a place of support, consciousness, and wellness, we will be able to shift ourselves, our families, and our communities, resulting in perfect health, reduced stress, anxiety, and reduction of our healthcare costs.” – Naama O. Pozniak

I am honored to be speaking at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 on the topic of being efficient in our ‘New Reality;’ “Sharing Techniques to Upgrade Each of our Personal ‘Software’: Our Soul and How to Guide our Lives to Achieve Better Outcomes.” My goal is to inspire people to design ways to change their patterns, lower their stress, and increase their productivity and focus. When we reset our mental and emotional programs, we create a path towards our goals, leading to improved relationships as well as safety, security, and happiness within ourselves.

Attendees will experience a simple yet effective meditation practice while learning how to develop and implement a new program for the ‘software of the soul’ that incorporates mindful self-care while organizing a holistic approach for a future filled with health and love. 

In the current state of our world, there is an urgent need for diverse perspectives to collaborate towards achieving inclusive economic recovery and growth. The technology industry will play a major role, and the first step is to regain the trust of the underrepresented communities that have been sidelined in this quest for innovation. 

Join me at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 to find the innovative power within yourself, and take control of your health, wellbeing, and professional life. 

Book Your Spot today with a 15% discount, and get on board to witness the Collective Power of Women in the technology industry from around the world! 

I highly recommend the following Interactive Experiences for you to participate and expand your network: 

  1. 28 January: Learn about Tech Industry at their opening plenary with Former Prime Minister of Canada, Rt Honorable Kim Campbell and Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster 
  2. 28 January: Explore Cloud Jobs at #CloudJobs Fair & Recruitment Lounge
  3. 28 January: Meet Black Founders
  4. 29 January: Master your pitch at #RockYourPitch Experience
  5. 29 January: Get access to mentorship from Cloud Industry leaders
  6. 30 January: Get your kids to participate in Youth Mentorship Circle
  7. 30 January: Make New Friends at Scavenger Hunt 

Also, join WIC Digital Network to be part of the global economic access movement.