We’re thrilled to present a global platform that celebrates the fusion of innovation, gender diversity, and sustainability in AI.

Dive into a platform where innovation meets impact. Showcasing groundbreaking AI solutions, the AI Copilot for Impact Pitch Challenge stands at the intersection of technology, gender diversity, and sustainability.

🔗 Why Should You Apply?

  • Global Recognition: Showcase your solutions at the #WICxESG2023 Digital Summit, an event that celebrates innovation from around the globe.
  • Promote Diversity: Our emphasis is on amplifying women leaders. Demonstrate how female decision-makers in your team are leading the AI revolution.
  • Winning Solutions: Gain industry recognition for AI-ready solutions harnessing the power of Microsoft Cloud, AWS, and Google Cloud services.

🔗 Qualification Criteria:

  • Gender Diversity: At least one woman in a pivotal role influencing AI development.
  • AI-Ready: Demonstrable solutions ranging from early to advanced stages using major cloud services from Microsoft, Google and AWS
  • Global Entries: Open to companies worldwide.

🔗 Judging Lens:

  • Problem-Solving: How effectively does the solution address a real-world challenge?
  • Positive Impact: Potential to bring meaningful societal or environmental change.
  • Innovation Quotient: Novelty and uniqueness in approach.
  • Execution Blueprint: Comprehensive plan detailing strategy, marketing, and resources.

🔗 Your Pitch – How to Submit?

  • Video Pitch: Craft a compelling video (up to 4 minutes) that narrates your AI vision.
  • Written Insight: Or, choose to submit a concise 1-2 page document laying out your strategy.

🔗 What Should Your Pitch Include?

Successful pitches should cover the following key aspects:

  • Value and Impact: Provide a brief overview of how the AI product or service creates value and a positive impact on society, the environment, or a specific industry.
  • Market Understanding: Offer insights into the sector, target customer base, and competitive landscape.
  • Operational Strategy: Explain how the venture will be marketed, operated, and scaled effectively.
  • Resource Acquisition: Describe how the company plans to garner the necessary startup resources to bring the AI solution to fruition.

The #WICxESG2023 AI Copilot For Impact Pitch Challenge celebrates the harmonious blend of tech brilliance, female leadership, and green innovation. Join us as we steer towards a future where AI not only advances industries but also nurtures the world. 🌟🌱🚀

Apply by Oct13th, 2023 to qualify to participate in the pitch challenge

Learn More: https://womenincloud.com/wicxesg-2023/

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