Gavriella Schuster’s #ALLIES Journey is now available to individuals and organizations to experience the online learning experience as an interactive cohort on the Rali Change Experience Platform.

Learn | Creating a Different Culture
This Journey provides an actionable framework that equips every individual in your organization to be an ally, to build allies, and to promote a culture of allyship through practical tools and insights. By giving everyone a voice, and showing people how to share their power to empower the “onlys” in your teams you can unlock your organization’s productivity and make your teams more effective.

Do | Assessment: Allies in Your Workplace
The #ALLIES Journey leverages Rali’s unique Learn | Do | Inspire framework, which activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and organization impact. Whether it’s groups of 50 or 50,000, Rali delivers my #ALLIES Journey as a highly interactive experience, is always available, infinitely scales, and activates real behavior change.

The Rali Change Experience Platform delivers “change at scale” and empowers measurable, scalable, and lasting change that drives performance improvement through teams across the organization. Rali helps ensure successful outcomes by uniting technology, behavioral science, and change management best practices.

Inspire | Be an Ally
As part of the Journey, you will discover how to create a different culture, interact deeply with my story, uncover unhealthy microaggressions, make a difference through mentorship and empowerment, give others permission to act, and gain a new vision of being an ally.

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