Did you know,1 out of every 20 open jobs in America today is a job that requires cybersecurity skills. And every projection shows that the number of these jobs will grow even more in the years ahead.   The demand for cybersecurity skills is growing rapidly as emerging tech introduces new security, compliance, and identity challenges. ISC2’s most recent study estimates the cybersecurity workforce gap at 4 million and that “despite the continued growth in the [cybersecurity] workforce… the demand is still outpacing supply.” 

In an era where the AI economy is reshaping our world, our landmark partnership with Microsoft heralds a transformative movement, introducing thousands of Microsoft Cybersecurity Certification scholarships specifically designed for women. This initiative transcends mere empowerment—it represents a profound commitment to fostering career advancement, leadership, and economic stability among women throughout the United States.

The primary aim is to empower women and underserved communities in the US Markets by awarding over 5100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Certification Scholarships to diverse, women-identifying individuals with entry to mid-level skills. This comprehensive initiative, running through December 2025, focuses on providing structured skills development, essential expertise, and employability readiness coaching, preparing recipients for roles like Cybersecurity Analysts, Operations, and Architects.

Key Benefits:

  • Micro credentialing through Coursera to gain skills and hands-on experience
  • Industry-Recognized Microsoft Certifications
  • DevSecOps peer2peer mentorship network
  • Monthly Job & Certification Preparedness Workshops

Don’t miss out on this big opportunity, get more info, read the press release and apply for this scholarship here: https://womenincloud.com/cybersecurity/