We are just 4 days aways from #WIC ANNUAL SUMMIT 2023 that is focused on helping you access mental models, case studies, leaders, leadership principles and strategies to grow your strategic leadership designed to assist in navigating the world that doesn’t exist yet! 

See below for what you need to know!

Topics You Will Learn at 2023 WIC Annual Summit:

  • Navigating Macro Economics: Money, Technology, Corporate Restructuring, ESG, Layoffs, Hybrid Workforce, Skilling and Readiness.
  • Strategic Leadership Models & Principles.
  • ESG Strategies, GTM and brand integrations.
  • Cosell GTM with Hyperscalers.
  • Data Privacy Policies Impacting Women.
  • Advisory Sessions on Leadership Topics.
  • Guinness World Record Attempt.

Here are 7 reasons why you cannot miss out on this year’s Summit:

  1. Expand your knowledge and skills in Cloud & AI, ESG +T, leadership models for sustainability and Cosell GTM with Hyperscalers and inclusion practices.
  2. Network with influential corporate executives, mentors, tech founders, policy advocates, academics, ESG leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and more.
  3. Enhance your skills to advance your career and/or business by participating in one-of-a-kind workshops, bootcamps, challenges and roundtables.
  4. Participate in a Guinness Book of World Records Attempt to create most vision boards ever.
  5. Get Updated about all the Upcoming Trends.
  6. Connect with leading experts and your peers from growing industries community who are shaping the future of our industry.
  7. Master innovative mental models, cloud tools, leadership and business templates to increase your productivity and workflows.
  8. And finally… Inspire yourself through keynotes, CXO Panels and reconnect with your peers as we navigate the new future of tech.


Accessing the Event

Key Sessions to attend:

Leadership & Professional Career Focused:

  • Keynote: The 5 Superpowers of Modern Cloud Leadership You Need
  • Thought Leadership: Navigating Life With Clarity & Purpose
  • CXO Panel: Preparing for a World That Doesn’t Exist Yet
  • Power Talk: Preventing Burnout – How and Why It’s Important
  • #WICxWorkshops: How to Design and Implement Your Leadership Persona

Founder Focused

  • Thought Leadership Panel: Cloud Marketplace as a New Sales Route for SAAS Solutions
  • #WICxWorkshops: Make Effective Connections with Your Dream Investors
  • Power Talk: Dream Investors Are in Your Reach

Policy & ESG Focused

  • Thought Leadership Panel: Why is data privacy so important to ESG narrative?
  • Thought Leadership: Why an ESG Plus Tech Strategy is Vital to Every Business/Company

Advisor Roundtables : Cloud Leadership Circle Networking and Roundtable with 20 Industry Leaders. Focus include

    • Securing executive sponsorship
    • Building executive presence
    • Balancing competing priorities
    • Navigating corporate ecosystem

WICxAnnualSummit2023 Roundtables


And Don’t miss Guinness World Record Attempt to set a new record on Feb1st.

We look forward to seeing you there!