What if female technology entrepreneurs and leaders created over $1B in global economic impact? The audacious dream is Women in Cloud’s mission and purpose. 

Three years ago, Women in Cloud was an idea on a tissue paper, drafted by women of Corporate America exhausted by the lack of female figures they could call role models. The idea was to create an empowering community of female technologists, entrepreneurs, leaders, and policy-makers to ensure an inclusive technology industry. 

Time and time again, women are told there is not enough pie to go around for all. So what? We will just make a bigger pie. Women in Cloud has taken action with global leaders and policy-makers to help women entrepreneurs create $1 Billion in economic access by 2030. The community focuses on creating Access to customers, funding, and resources, to drive Action to create innovative solutions, partnerships, and communities and helps businesses Accelerate with policy resources and readiness. 

The community organization hosts over 100M women from all over the world through global partnerships with organizations like UN Women, SHEROES, EQUALS Global, Microsoft Alumni Network, WIT Network, and 18 other global organizations. This allows all the parties involved to access various resources, some unique to a particular organization, and build a strong dynamic global community of women.

Currently, the Women in Cloud Global Expansion plan is underway focussed on bringing women technologists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to the table to create an inclusive, sustainable, and transformative technology industry. India is one of eight countries where Women in Cloud will expand its initiatives to further our mission. 

On this journey, we are extremely happy to call SHEROES as our strategic partner in India. We are looking forward to achieving the following joint goals:

  1. Launch The Women in Cloud India Accelerator to boost economic access in the enterprise sector through inclusive procurement strategies.
  2. Host CloudInnovateHERxIndia Pitch Challenge to showcase enterprise-ready solutions.
  3. Inspire women to participate in the Global Solution Marketplace for generating customer leads.
  4. Engage women to join #EmpowHERAccess campaigns to create awareness about women’s contribution to the economic prosperity in India and across the globe while advancing and modernizing economic empowerment policies.

We are looking forward to connecting with all of you on this platform to transform the technology industry. Join our digital network today to get exclusive access to technology leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world! 

Meanwhile, let us know ‘What does Economic Access and Empowerment mean to you?’

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