Looking back at my journey, I have come to realize that over the years I worked hard to independently forge an international way in the business while nurturing a thriving family – it would have been so much easier with a network of like-minded support. A platform where ideas are shared and problems solved by people who experience the same barriers was missing; Women in Cloud offers this – a place where women can help each other progress in a world dictated by men, after all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Women make up roughly 50% of the world’s population. I believe this is a significant force that can and should be used to empower all that is good! Instead of continuing the traditional and destructive pursuit of GDP, I believe a collective of women with positive, proactive, and purposeful ideas can rethink a sustainable economy and improve the quality of life for everyone and everything that shares the planet.

I am not the first to say that “Education is the Answer.” Despite this 175M children lack basic literacy skills. Around 2/3 of the world’s illiterates are women (UNN, 2010). Children and their facilitators in deprived areas have even less of a chance to succeed in life. 

The reasons for this are 1) Gender bias 2) Poverty 3) Lack of resources. Utilizing shared knowledge, resources, and technological prowess, we can level the playing field and improve world prospects by uplifting women from the ground up and providing every child – irrespectively of gender, culture, and parenting background – equal opportunities to access education. At the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021, I want to share my ideas on ways to utilize AI to reduce barriers, and positively impact families, and nations.

“If women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well.” — Hillary Clinton

With my association with Women in Cloud, I aim to enable the use of AI educational tools – giving remote, poor, and underprivileged children access to high-quality tuition, feedback (AI enables recording, data collection, and analysis)

Partnering with Cloud hyperscalers such as Microsoft, afford memory and storage of lessons, data, and feedback to populations that could not otherwise access tools that can propel and certify their academic progression.

Technology has been underused in the furthering of rural women’s educational and economic opportunities with men being the primary adopters of assistive technology. This is mirrored to a lesser degree of 60%-40% in modern settings (Gill et al, 2010). Policies that would lessen the educational gap by means of technology, need to be focused on 1) delivery of energy to support electronic technology 2) refocusing of the hardware development lifecycle from marketing, aesthetics, and profit to longevity, user-focused simplicity, and affordability. 3) finally this hardware needs to be connected, so free cloud and internet coverage of rural and impoverished areas need to be implemented.

“Modern technology enables us to meet the needs of those on the fringe of society, making technology a necessity in the realization of these children’s potential.” – Nataliya Tetruyeva

So this January, join me at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 to discuss the possibilities of incorporating technology into education to benefit millions who will impact the future and sustainability of our world. 

Book Your Spot today with a 15% discount, and get on board to witness the Collective Power of Women in the technology industry from around the world! 

I highly recommend the following Interactive Experiences for you to participate and expand your network: 

  1. 28 January: Learn about Tech Industry at their opening plenary with Former Prime Minister of Canada, Rt Honorable Kim Campbell, and Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster 
  2. 28 January: Explore Cloud Jobs at #CloudJobs Fair & Recruitment Lounge
  3. 28 January: Meet Black Founders
  4. 29 January: Master your pitch at #RockYourPitch Experience
  5. 29 January: Get access to mentorship from Cloud Industry leaders
  6. 30 January: Get your kids to participate in Youth Mentorship Circle
  7. 30 January: Make New Friends at Scavenger Hunt 

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