‘Empowered women empower women’. This is a belief I have held onto for a long time and when Women in Cloud came by, I saw an opportunity to connect, embrace and educate other women in technology, as well as grow as a leader in my own life.

Women in Cloud is an inclusive community that offers opportunities for everybody involved. As a member of the organisation, I hope to involve more women and ensure they have the opportunity to equal economic access in the world of technology. 

This year at the Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I have been invited as a #CloudCommunityConnect Table Facilitator. Since it is the year of ACTION, I will talk about alliances in the cloud era.

‘Two heads are better than one’, it is a universal fact. That rings true in business as well. The market has more than enough opportunities, and if a company wants to grow, they must know how to do it, through alliances and partnerships. I will further include knowing how to conquer the nay-sayers, finding the right partnerships for your organization, using your network to connect, and relationship management tips. 

Collective action means we are all working toward a goal of inclusion, and specifically around economic issues. It is about thinking and motivating leaders to make the change around everyone getting a piece of the pie. Purchase your tickets today to be a part of collective action and economic inclusion!

To get more information visit the summit website, and don’t forget to apply the 20% discount code: JOINME@WIC

See you there! Take action by joining our online network to get engaged today!

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