Women in Cloud is strengthening the role of women as leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists and futurists — supporting the ability of all women to leverage leading cloud technologies to grow their businesses and careers. I celebrate the expanding community of women in tech, women entrepreneurs, leaders and allies who are carving a path for increased representation, innovation and visibility of female technology leaders.

As the founder of a career strategy firm and an executive coach serving leaders across most major technology brands, I am intimately aware of the challenges senior female leaders face in attaining their career defining roles. Laura Close Career Consulting was founded on the concept of skill transfer: putting the tools and skills of political campaign strategy into the hands of the women and our allies who are navigating ambiguous paths to power. At Women in Cloud 2020, I’m focused on growing and strengthening the community of women who secure leadership roles in technology companies.

At the third annual summit, I’ll be leading an executive roundtable discussion demonstrating how our senior-level clients capture and showcase their achievements to drive promotions on faster timelines with stronger buy-in & widespread consensus. 

Our clients and their peers have incredible bodies of work and are also very busy. It can be easy to neglect or undersell your track record of delivering big results. We discovered a trend in our client base: after working with us to transfer roles and companies, they were landing promotions with greater ease and speed. 

We determined that the work of correctly framing and capturing their achievements in preparation for interviewing was then yielding results well beyond the initial hire. I’ll share the frameworks we use and how to apply those for performance reviews and promotion cycles. Purchase your tickets today to come see me and the other speakers at the summit. 

My career began in the late 90s building national political campaigns and people’s movements. My life’s work, one could argue, is collective action towards economic inclusion much like Women in Cloud’s mission. These days I have the unanticipated privilege of working with senior female leadership and their peer allies who are surmounting some of the most entrenched obstacles to inclusion at the highest levels. Women are still dramatically underrepresented on leadership teams, on boards, and at the VP and C level. The red thread through my career has been democratizing access to skills and coaching for any person seeking to overcome the obstacles that lay before them; hence, getting on board with Women in Cloud was a given. 

“Collective action” means a skilled and trained population that can undertake the right course of actions, and in doing so deliver the powerful results we are focused on: economic inclusion.

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