Even at the toughest times we present to you some exciting news! 

Did you know that mentoring has a significant effect on positive youth development? Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class. 
Many adults look to their pasts and recall the profound influence a mentor had on their lives during adolescence. Whether it was a teacher, neighbor, clergy member or sports coach, having the one-on-one support of a caring adult who is not a parent can yield positive, life-changing outcomes.

Women in Cloud and Creative Children For Charity are partnering to bring youth and adult mentors together to create mentorship, entrepreneurship and internship opportunities to accelerate youth leadership in our community. 

This event is on January 30th 10am-12pm online. This opportunity is for ages (13-19) .
As apart with this session, we will be offering 3 core activities:

  1. Power Panel Discussion led by youth on navigating today’s school and home environment.
  2. Mentoring: Youth will meet adult mentors to help discuss ideas, challenges and opportunities to navigate life easily.
  3. Draw your future: Youth can learn ways on how to draw their future and how to think about difficult challenges in different ways by Patti Dabrowoski
  4. Increase personal power and confidence to advance their leadership growth: Mentors will be providing the best practices to help foster positive youth development, academic success, and job and career readiness.

Expected outcomes:

  • Access to adult mentors and internship opportunities
  • Create personal vision statement using “Draw your future” framework
  • Join Creative Children For Charity and Women In Cloud Community
  • Get access to #3C Digital Entrepreneurship Academy & be part of Acton Business Fair

How to apply: This is an exclusive interactive experience and something you do not want to miss, so make sure to apply now! Applications are due January 5th and will be notified by January 10th if awarded entry.

Youth Application. Once approved, you will be notified with participation guidelines.  APPLY NOW

Adult Mentor Application: Once approved, you will be notified to participate in How to mentor training by 3C and will be given guidelines to support youth. APPLY NOW