Chaitra Vedullapalli, Founder and President Women in Cloud, is my Linkedin Connection. I vaguely remember crossing paths with her at a summit similar to Women in Cloud back in 2015. Since then, I have been sincerely following her through the journey she has been and taken Women in Cloud on. I am part of WomenWhoCode, WomenWhoBuild, GirlsWhoCode and ChickTech communities and have had the opportunity to talk at a couple of conferences and meet many of them. I jumped on the opportunity with Women in Cloud. I knew I had to be a part of this community which is on a journey to make our industry inclusive. 

All throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to wear different hats. I have worked as a business analyst, project manager, a coach, a mentor, a performance tester, an automation tester and a solution architect and strived for automation at every level. I have built teams with quality engineers and worked on various kinds of projects. With the vast experience I have gathered over the years, this Women in Cloud Summit 2020 I will be speaking about DevOpsQA, Cloud Testing and how the world of testing has changed in Agile teams.

In the session I plan to talk about what is DevOpsQA and the prime definition of this term. A decade ago, QAs primary responsibility was finding bugs, write test cases and make sure there are no bugs in production. Today, testers are the quality advocates, influencing both development and operational processes. They don’t just find bugs, they look for any opportunity to improve repeatability and predictability. CloudDevOps has enabled QA to do this with Faster time to market, Higher quality and Increased organizational effectiveness. QA is achieving this is by Continuous testing via automation. Attendees will walk out with an understanding of Quality Testing and how automation plays an important role early in the cycle and how to define a proper test strategy that defines a single path to production.

I have had the opportunity to attend several summits offered by WomenWhoCode, ChickTech, Google Summit, AWS Re-invent Summit. Every time I attend these conferences I am surprised to see the ideas and opportunities out there in the world. I have come across hundreds of people and we connect, we exchange and we enrich each other with the knowledge we possess. It is an exciting experience every time.It is no different with Women in Cloud. I am excited to run into everybody with an idea, good or bad, learn from them and excited for the energy, passion and fun instore for us. 

I hail from the IT background and communities like Women in Cloud gives me hope for our industry and our future. As a lifelong student, I am thankful to have found this community and cannot wait to explore the immense knowledge people from Women in Cloud are waiting to share during the Summit. I urge to purchase tickets tickets for the summit and experience the best the community and the industry has to offer this January. 

To get more information visit the summit website, and don’t forget to apply the 20% discount code: JOINME@WIC

See you there! Take action by joining our online network to get engaged today!

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