At this year’s Women in Cloud Summit, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide environments and scenarios where you can learn new skills and practice current ones against scenarios in Security, All-In, and Data Analytics.

  • Security challenges:  Identify what causes the blues and learn what would you do differently
  • All-In challenges: Learn how would you migrate the services onto AWS or setup a CI/CD pipeline
  • Data Analytics challenges: Determine how you would use the latest tools and services to identify the right data to solve the problem

Bring your laptop and take part in our jam to find out!

Challenge your skill set while learning some new techniques with Amazon Web Services! Participate to earn AWS Jam Swag and prizes!


The AWS community will be on-hand to help you complete a series of simulations and to build native cloud solutions. This is the opportunity to leverage a wide range of AWS services and partner tools to help you on your cloud journey or to simply learn more about AWS.

As the challenges develop, you will take the initial infrastructure, and challenge by challenge, improve it into a resilient and secure deployment. We will have a number of experienced AWS experts at the Summit to discuss ideas, provide guidance and in general help your team get through any roadblocks that pop up. This event is also a virtual event so once you get started you can still attend the other sessions and events that are taking place at the Women In Cloud Summit!

New to AWS? Or already on your cloud journey? Come and join us!

Our activities are structured to accommodate AWS users of all levels. We have AWS experts, plus guided exercises, that will ramp up your knowledge. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop to participate in the Jam!

Put your skills and creativity to the test by producing innovative solutions!

Learn more at this year’s Women in Cloud Summit!

Secure your spot today at

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