We’re all in this together. Women in Cloud is taking an active role to identify policies and solutions to prevent economic losses for female tech entrepreneurs. Your contribution will help us to develop a detailed report to share with policy-makers and global companies across the world.

Women In Cloud in partnership with Founders Live, M12, The WIT Network, IAMCP, UN EQUALS, and Microsoft Alumni Network is conducting a survey to collect the initial financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, policies that could have prevented losses and associated business changes. 

If you are a women led technology company, please consider filling it out with whatever information you may currently know. 

As countries, states, and cities respond to the COVID-19 virus, WiC wants to understand the effects on our community so that we can best advocate for possible policy changes and also leverage the report for recommending access for emergency funding and programs to sustain your companies.

*If things are uncertain or might change, that’s totally fine! We’d still very much welcome your responses! The survey will take 15 minutes.

Why is it important to act now? This information will help in the following ways:

  1. Development of COVID-19 impact report that policymakers and corporations can use for developing policies that prevent economic losses.
  2. Share evergreen solution recommendations that tech companies can take to prevent economic loss in any future crisis situations.
  3. Ability to aid in policy development and business continuity for this segment to continue to help women entrepreneurs.

Who can participate: Women led businesses that are providing technology solutions or services in any industry sector.

Take Action: Please spare 15-minutes for the survey to help us develop solutions together.

Note: As this is a continually evolving situation, we may resend this survey for updated responses, or follow up with you individually on any additional information we may need, so we are asking you to identify your business on the survey and include contact information. 

Thank you to our partners