We are witnessing a transcending transformation in the world of technology. The landscape is dynamic and complex, hence, steering through the change can be complex. 

A mentor is an essential asset to navigate, learn, and accomplish in today’s society. 

At the Women in Cloud, executive mentorship is one of the most popular and requested experiences.

The advantages of having a mentor are commonly known and very often cited. As a mentee, you will witness the fine minds of the industry sharing their experiences and learnings helping you develop leadership qualities and apply them in an organizational setup. The relationship of a mentor and mentee is symbiotic in nature, where insights from discussions ought to benefit both parties to grow. 

It is with great enthusiasm that we at Women in Cloud invite you to join us for the Executive Mentorship Experience to Unlock Leadership and Executive Power at the upcoming Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021, between January 28 – 30, 2021! You will have the opportunity to interact with our experienced mentors at the Digital Summit 2021. 

Why Would You Want Access to Our Executive Mentorship?

As a mentee, these two-hours will be an interactive experience where you will have exclusive access to mentors like Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft; Kim Smith, Global Vice President, Cloud Innovation Services, IBM; Gina Fratarcangeli, Managing Director, Market Unit Sales Leader, Accenture; Suchi Srinivasan, Vice President, Dell Corporation; Sherleander Lani-Phillips, Vice President, Microsoft and many more industry rainmakers who will inspire and help women-tech founders succeed.

Top Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Executive Mentorship Experience?

  1. Executive Mentorship Access: At the Digital Summit 2021, we handpick industry experts with vast experiences to guide, educate, and help you in your journey to help you realize your ‘North Star’ goal. Through this experience, you will be able to unlock new opportunities for yourself, your company, and embrace different perceptions resulting in long-term benefits. 
  2. Expanded Network: It is a fine opportunity to expand your existing network from the comfort of your home. Meet industry leaders, policy-makers, and business owners and form new connections. 
  3. Real-time Insight into Industry Trends: As our mentors are existing industry change-makers, you are presented with a unique opportunity to access industry trends and patterns that will help you plan for a better tomorrow. You will be able to identify and bridge gaps in generic skills and knowledge through this experience. 
  4. Empowerment & Confidence: The Women in Cloud mentors bring high EQ to the table along with their industry knowledge, helping to boost your confidence and personality for overall growth as a person, leader, and business owner. 
  5. Broad Career Opportunities: This experience will leave you with greater knowledge and unlock broader career growth opportunities in the industry. 

The Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 will be a virtual experience and our digital interaction will be hosted on Remo networking lounges. We are also providing a Digital Workbook for all attendees to capture the summit experience, an idea, or revolutionary thought. The live interactive session with your mentor will be accessible with a click of a button with Remo! Here is a glimpse of what the platform will look like;

The digital summit gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access executive and industry leaders from around the world from your homes. It is the best of both worlds! So, sign up today and block your seat to be mentored by the leading women of the technology industry. 

We are also excited to announce the annual Summit hosted by the Women in Cloud themed “Collective Power.” For more information on the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021, and to register for the Summit, click here.

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