Work related stress and mental health disorders have been affecting professionals for too long. Work-life balance and strong mental health are a necessity.   

Did You Know? 

  • One of the most threatening health concerns in the United States are mental health disorders 
  • One in five US professionals report mental illness issues 
  • Stress causes almost one million professionals to end up missing work and nearly 83% of all United States professionals to suffer from work-related stress and mental health problems 
  • There are almost 120,000 deaths every year due to workplace stress and mental health issues
  • US businesses lose up to 300 billion dollars due to workplace stress and mental health issues, up to 51 billion dollars due to absenteeism, and up to 26 billion dollars due to the costs of treatments 

The Problem 

  • Covid-19 has impacted nearly every facet of our global system—but some areas, such as mental health—were affected more adversely than others
  • Every year, serious mental health issues severely affect most US businesses and their employees 
  • Employees are negatively affected by workplace stress and problems related to deteriorating mental health
  • Poor mental health gravely affects employees’ productivity and job performance 
  • Toxic workplace culture often substantially affects professional’s mental health 
  • Poor communication between coworkers often induces stress issues 
  • Adverse mental health might lead to reduced daily functioning and/or physical capability 
  • Professionals suffering from depression are often associated with higher risks of unemployment and disability
  • Depression, stress, and related mental health issues substantially reduce cognitive performance 

By bringing awareness to this silent pandemic, workplace related mental health issues can be addressed and solved. Businesses must implement open discussions and resources for management and support into corporate philosophy. These small shifts in culture will improve the lives of employees, reduce incurred healthcare costs, and promote positive, productive, and healthy work environments. 

A solution to work-related mental health risks seems to be the need of the hour. Want the entire fool-proof solution to this widespread problem?  

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