Gender equity seems to be a major controversial topic, especially in Africa. Women and girls are seen as sex objects meant for just marriage and child-bearing. This has caused significant setbacks in Africa because most countries are still under-developed, except for a few that meet the standard. 

As a Nigerian, I have witnessed violence against women and teenage girls, and this has hurt me so much because I am a woman who loves seeing other women thrive. 

I firmly believe that women have so much to give to the world, and the idea that women are not meant for more simply doesn’t go with me. And this has helped me to guide and mentor my fellow ladies who are around me. 

I encouraged them to thrive and shoot out for their outer space and never think of settling for a lesser life when there is more to them. 

My foundation works with the SDG 5 goals, which talk about gender equality, giving my ladies the opportunities to thrive, especially in the teaching industries, which seem to be growing fast in this century. ‌ An African proverb says, “Educate a woman, educate a nation,” this means women are nation builders. Without a woman, there will be no man, so why should they not be allowed to fulfill their dreams? 

Why should their life be tied to marriage alone if they are nation builders? 

When a woman rises to fulfill her dreams, she is seen as a competitor, especially when involved in the technology industry. We need to let men know that we are not competing with them, but we should be allowed to thrive.

A lot needs to be changed in our society and our continent on a large scale. 

I personally believe that with the help of consistent campaigns, and community outreach to enlighten women, the world will gradually become a better place. I will be at the WICxAnnualSummit 2022 to explore ways to reduce inequality for women in Africa. I would love to meet you in person. To get more information visit the summit website, and don’t forget to apply the 15% discount code: 15-OFF.

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