As the co-founder and principal of Go Big Coaching, my mission has always been to help women overcome the social and systemic barriers that hinder them from thriving in male-dominated fields while also developing a stronger, more courageous mindset to find success within their professional lives. 

I believe that we need more women in decision making roles to enhance economic access for all. I believe in the power of closing the wage gap, and I think a reasonable policy shift would be along the lines of what my home country Germany has, which is a Wage Transparency Act for companies with over 200 employees. It gives people the right to find out the median compensation of a colleague in the same or a comparable role. This type of transparency would remove obstacles that contribute to wage inequality based on gender, and could even result in an effective Equal Pay Act. Also, I believe that everyone should have the right to parental leave, which could help both men and women with job and wage security rather than punishing them for familial obligations. As a community, we must join forces to make these positive impacts,  and use our Collective Power to achieve the goal of an inclusive, innovative future. 

But what other than societal barriers restricts women to rise above and drive change? My passion for helping women unlock their potential has led me to develop a growth mindset that includes unlearning self-destructive behaviors and persevering through professional setbacks. I am excited to be presenting at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 on the topic of ‘Unlearning Negative Self-Talk.’ Our worst critic is our inner voice, but our self-criticisms don’t define or motivate us, and the only way to achieve inner peace and happiness is to acknowledge and overcome this inner critic. 

“Eventually I realized that learning would not get me where I wanted to go. This is when I had my lightbulb moment: It was time for me to UNlearn.”– Micha Goebig

So join me this January, at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 and let us work towards unlearning negative self-talk and replacing destructive thoughts with optimism. 

Book Your Spot today with a 15% discount, and get on board to witness the Collective Power of Women in the technology industry from around the world! 

I highly recommend the following Interactive Experiences for you to participate and expand your network: 

  1. 28 January: Learn about Tech Industry at their opening plenary with Former Prime Minister of Canada, Rt Honorable Kim Campbell and Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster 
  2. 28 January: Explore Cloud Jobs at #CloudJobs Fair & Recruitment Lounge
  3. 28 January: Meet Black Founders
  4. 29 January: Master your pitch at #RockYourPitch Experience
  5. 29 January: Get access to mentorship from Cloud Industry leaders
  6. 30 January: Get your kids to participate in Youth Mentorship Circle
  7. 30 January: Make New Friends at Scavenger Hunt 

Also, join WIC Digital Network to be part of the global economic access movement.

Women in Cloud has partnered with Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft to underwrite 50 women to get free access to the WIC Digital Summit 2021 by giving a total of three one-on-one executive mentorship sessions.

What is the catch?

Nothing. Just buy a T-shirt!

As a C-level Microsoft Executive and Thought-Leader, Gavriella leads a global portfolio of channel partners that have influenced over $1 trillion in ecosystem revenues. She brings over 20 years of leadership in digital and cloud transformation roles, driving strategy and execution spanning all aspects of the business model and product development, launch, marketing, sales, and partner development. Gavriella currently leads global recruitment, enablement, and engagement of Microsoft’s fast-growing partner ecosystem. As a builder and change agent, she has built and turned around businesses by inspiring a vision for future customer relevance and engaging teams in developing the roadmap.

In December 2020, Gavriella delivered a powerful TEDx talk on the topic, ‘BeCOME an Ally: How to Achieve Gender Equity?’ Her TEDx speech highlighted the need to create opportunities for women in technology and the role all of us, men, and women play in the process. 

Gavriella Schuster was also awarded the ATHENA Global Leadership Award – previously bestowed upon icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Condoleezza Rice, and Christina Koch, just to name a few – for her contribution to technology, and supporting equality and equity in technology. The Insight Success Magazine also recognized Gavriella as the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Women in Cloud 2020.’

Gavriella is a powerhouse of knowledge and drives impact every step of the way! 

Now is your chance to qualify and win a chance to be mentored by Gavriella Schuster; you have to buy an exclusively designed Women in Cloud Allyship T-shirt. These t-shirts are designed to drive awareness about economic inclusion and allyship in the technology industry. 

What are the Entry Rules?

  1. Every purchase gives you an entry for the executive mentorship opportunity
  2. Drawing of the lots will happen on the closing day i.e., 30 January 2021 of the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021.
  3. Executive mentorship sessions will be scheduled on a mutually agreed date.

Buy a T-shirt today and win an exclusive executive mentorship opportunity while contributing to underwrite Summit passes for women! 

This January 2021 at the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 learn about the Technology Industry at the opening plenary with Former Prime Minister of Canada, Rt. Honorable Kim Campbell, and Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster.

We also highly recommend Interactive Experiences for you to participate in to expand your network:

  • 28 January: Explore Cloud Jobs at #CloudJobs Fair & Recruitment Lounge
  • 28 January: Meet Black Founders
  • 29 January: Master your pitch at #RockYourPitch Experience
  • 29 January: Get access to mentorship from Cloud Industry leaders
  • 30 January: Get your kids to participate in Youth Mentorship Circle
  • 30 January: Make New Friends at Scavenger Hunt 

Join WIC Digital Network to be part of the global economic access movement.

Imagine if you could turn your personal stories, your experiences and your passions into a purpose-driven business even during challenging times?

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year of fear and uncertainty.  Business leaders, entrepreneurs and companies have seen triumph and tragedy and our vision for 2021 is still seeking clarity.  But one thing is for sure.  You are in charge of your own personal brand, the so-called CEO of You and that has tremendous power that many have yet to tap into.

So what does this mean for you as you navigate a new year during one of the most pivotal periods in our lifetime?

When you attend ROCK YOUR PITCH at this year’s Women in Cloud Digital Summit, you will:

  • Discover the power of personal branding and how it can support business development and networking
  • Learn how to build a story arc for you and your business that can stand apart from others
  • Leverage your personal story power for social brand building on all platforms, specifically LinkedIn
  • Interact with other leaders who are dedicated to their own professional growth and community networking
  • Craft your own “I AM” mission statement that will become your new north star message that sets you up for success in 2021

By the end of the session, you will be empowered with:

  • The tools necessary market yourself effectively to your own network, company, potential employer or future business partnerships.
  • A clear understanding of how to brand yourself on social platforms so you can build your own tribe.
  • Access to experts, leaders and other influencers that can support you with getting connected to the right people.

If you’re an emerging entrepreneur, job seeker, business leader or future leader and are ready to reimagine yourself in 2021, book your spot here before it fills up!  This is your chance to rock your pitch.

Even at the toughest times we present to you some exciting news! 

Did you know that mentoring has a significant effect on positive youth development? Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class. 
Many adults look to their pasts and recall the profound influence a mentor had on their lives during adolescence. Whether it was a teacher, neighbor, clergy member or sports coach, having the one-on-one support of a caring adult who is not a parent can yield positive, life-changing outcomes.

Women in Cloud and Creative Children For Charity are partnering to bring youth and adult mentors together to create mentorship, entrepreneurship and internship opportunities to accelerate youth leadership in our community. 

This event is on January 30th 10am-12pm online. This opportunity is for ages (13-19) .
As apart with this session, we will be offering 3 core activities:

  1. Power Panel Discussion led by youth on navigating today’s school and home environment.
  2. Mentoring: Youth will meet adult mentors to help discuss ideas, challenges and opportunities to navigate life easily.
  3. Draw your future: Youth can learn ways on how to draw their future and how to think about difficult challenges in different ways by Patti Dabrowoski
  4. Increase personal power and confidence to advance their leadership growth: Mentors will be providing the best practices to help foster positive youth development, academic success, and job and career readiness.

Expected outcomes:

  • Access to adult mentors and internship opportunities
  • Create personal vision statement using “Draw your future” framework
  • Join Creative Children For Charity and Women In Cloud Community
  • Get access to #3C Digital Entrepreneurship Academy & be part of Acton Business Fair

How to apply: This is an exclusive interactive experience and something you do not want to miss, so make sure to apply now! Applications are due January 5th and will be notified by January 10th if awarded entry.

Youth Application. Once approved, you will be notified with participation guidelines.  APPLY NOW

Adult Mentor Application: Once approved, you will be notified to participate in How to mentor training by 3C and will be given guidelines to support youth. APPLY NOW


Bengaluru, India: The Women in Cloud in partnership with SHEROES is hosting a live session ‘The Golden Cloud Opportunity in India No One is Talking About’ on 7 November 2020. This live session will primarily focus the corporate involvement in creating an inclusive economy, policy advancement in India, and entrepreneurship advancement in the enterprise market. 

Women in Cloud’s colossal goal to generate over $1B in global economic access by 2030 focuses on WiC operations expansion across eight different countries and various regions. India, one among the  eight, hosted a Curtain Raiser in 2019 initiating Women in Cloud’s operations in India. Over the last year, Women in Cloud has planned and built strategic partnerships with organizations like SHEORES to advance the mission. 

Since, Women in Cloud’s partnership with SHEROES to advance economic access and opportunities for female-tech founders and leaders in India; this will be the first joint event. The ‘Golden Cloud Opportunity in India No One is Talking About’ will initiate a very important conversation in the Indian technology space and the lack of women leaders and entrepreneurs in the space. The speakers for the session are;

The virtual event will also host networking sessions with access to interact with the innovative minds behind technology giants in India. The Women in Cloud also has some exciting announcements in store for our Indian audience. 

Click here to register. There are limited seats available.

Date: 7 November 2020

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM IST 

Networking Sessions: 7.00 PM – 7.30 PM (IST) & 8.30 PM – 9.00 PM (IST)

Sign up for the Women in Cloud Digital Network to learn about the Women in Cloud Accelerator and get exclusive access to industry experts from all over the world! This is a global, larger than life movement with over 100M women dedicated to making their mark in this world.