The idea that business leaders have a responsibility to eliminate biases, speak up for others, and show up for all is a prevailing idea. As a society, we have reached a point for the need for a cultural change. Leaders have recognized this and understand that nothing can be solved without the courage to take a stand and take action. Women in Cloud is a community of leaders and change-makers who are taking a stand for every woman today to ensure an inclusive society tomorrow. 

I am passionate about helping women to be seen and heard as leaders in their field and having the opportunity to share my story that will inspire women to find their courage and stand out in their personal and professional lives. This Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I will be speaking on ‘Permission to Be Courageous and Change Your Story.’ My experience of coaching hundreds of clients, surveying over 100 women for my book ‘One Hundred Hearts’ and my own life story led me to one key ingredient and four actions that will empower women. Courage is the most important element necessary to push past any obstacle and achieve new levels of success in life and work. Women need to give themselves permission to find their courage and change their story in corporate America. 

Women in Cloud is a community of leaders that understand the power of bringing women together and courageously taking a stand. This is a platform that creates a pathway to an inclusive society that will empower every woman to be seen for her full abilities and contributions to their field. I can only say, ‘When we stand together, we can make a change for our future and the world.’ The community has pioneered in ensuring women are given their share in the tech industry. I only hope to inspire more women to find their courage and achieve success and fulfill their potential in a way they never thought possible through my involvement in the community.

This summit will bring together individuals with abilities to influence change under one roof. Purchase tickets for the summit today and meet every single one of them to acquire their knowledge and share your thoughts to ensure progress towards the mission important to us and our future. 

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‘Empowered women empower women’. This is a belief I have held onto for a long time and when Women in Cloud came by, I saw an opportunity to connect, embrace and educate other women in technology, as well as grow as a leader in my own life.

Women in Cloud is an inclusive community that offers opportunities for everybody involved. As a member of the organisation, I hope to involve more women and ensure they have the opportunity to equal economic access in the world of technology. 

This year at the Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I have been invited as a #CloudCommunityConnect Table Facilitator. Since it is the year of ACTION, I will talk about alliances in the cloud era.

‘Two heads are better than one’, it is a universal fact. That rings true in business as well. The market has more than enough opportunities, and if a company wants to grow, they must know how to do it, through alliances and partnerships. I will further include knowing how to conquer the nay-sayers, finding the right partnerships for your organization, using your network to connect, and relationship management tips. 

Collective action means we are all working toward a goal of inclusion, and specifically around economic issues. It is about thinking and motivating leaders to make the change around everyone getting a piece of the pie. Purchase your tickets today to be a part of collective action and economic inclusion!

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Simplicity participated in the Women in Cloud Summit last year, and our team left feeling inspired by the energy in the room and the collective drive to support women in the industry. I’m thrilled to see how the community has grown since then. I was incredibly moved by the women and allies on the stage last year, including Gavriella Schuster, Thai Lee, Chaitra Vedullapalli, and Gretchen O’Hara, and I’m so honored to be joining them as a speaker at this year’s event.

I’m passionate about supporting women in business and technology, at all stages of their careers. I’ve had many sponsors throughout my career—women and men alike—and I want to do my part to pay it forward however I can. I love the quote, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” If nothing else, I hope to show attendees that women-owned businesses can and will be successful.

At Simplicity, our business is all about connecting people and building community. I’m passionate about helping people find meaningful work that aligns with their personal brand and values, while helping clients successfully reach their goals. Events like these enable us to expand our community and extend the reach of our impact, which supports the event’s theme of action and Women in Cloud’s goal of creating economic opportunity.

This year at the summit, I’m joining Gillian Muessig of Outline Ventures, Margaret Dawson of Red Hat, and Dina Grimstead from Microsoft on a power panel aimed at sharing best practices on access to investments, customers, and talent. Attendees can expect actionable, relevant lessons learned from a range of leaders from a range of industries and backgrounds.

Women in Cloud’s ambitious mission of helping women entrepreneurs create $1 billion in economic opportunity by 2030 inspires me. Reaching this goal will require collective action from businesses, allies, and the broader community. Yes, supporting and empowering women is important, but those actions are meaningless without actually focusing on women’s access to economic opportunity. 

Women are the lifeblood of our economy—and often the primary breadwinners of their households—and if they succeed economically, we all do. Working toward economic inclusion will require a meaningful reduction in the gender wage gap, especially for women of color; increased access to leadership positions; widespread paid parental leave; and increased funding and access to capital; to name a few.

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Collective action towards economic inclusion is about leveraging collective intelligence through open and transparent collaboration. I believe in an ecosystem in which aligned intentions are commonplace, and all thrive on the diversity of different perspectives and the highest good for all involved.

I hail from the tech background as a former Technology Development Executive with a large Aerospace company. I am and have always been passionate about creating the future by transforming imagination into reality, and as a new entrepreneur, I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded women to create the future we deserve. Women in Cloud is, hence, the place to be.

The Women in Cloud Summit 2020 is about taking ACTION and I am looking forward to connecting with other female entrepreneurs and opening doors for many more women-tech entrepreneurs. Intuition has served me well. My intention is to help other women ignite their intuition as a speaker at the event. 

I will share how intuition can be used to inform decision making and explore how you may already be using it without even knowing. The mystery behind intuition is becoming more explainable and understood, making it more accessible.

You will learn about intuition’s role in a tech leaders’ life and how to use intuition to exponentially improve your business decision making by learning:

  1. How to listen to and understand your intuition.
  2. How to trust the intelligence of your intuition.
  3. How to translate your intuitive insights into actions and positive impact on your business.

Women in Cloud as a community focuses on collaboration. As a person, I am passionate about igniting intuition as a competitive differentiator and identifying collaboration opportunities. Hence,  increasing awareness about the power of using our innate intuitive abilities to achieve business success is the outcome I wish to achieve with Women in Cloud.

Purchase tickets for the summit and let us join forces to collaborate and succeed. 

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Women. I believe women are the key element to solving several problems we are facing today in the society. I have always been passionate about helping women propel not only in business but also in society. I want to help change the future for women and our society for a sustainable and inclusive future. Women in Cloud is a community that shares these ideas with me, and I look forward to participating and being a part of a change that will make a difference for women in our industry. 

As a student at the University of Washington, I am passionate about changing the way women in college perceive the business world and want to create resources that young women can use to advance themselves in their professional lives. I am aware and have witnessed how women have struggled to get jobs and internships because they did not have the resources, or simply because they are ‘women’. This is the time for all of  us, as a society, to get together and help the new generation understand and implement the change that Women in Cloud is striving for.

Due to my interests in the said topic, I have been invited as a speaker at the third annual Women in Cloud Summit 2020. I am taking this opportunity to educate the audience about how we can help the younger generation of women by creating resources, and more importantly, opportunities for them. I will also speak about the importance of giving young women a leg up in the competition while they are in college, so that they can have a head start when they graduate. Attendees should expect to learn about what actions need to be taken to achieve change.

The summit brings together some of the most influential leaders in the industry, and I’m excited to network with other women in entrepreneurial roles in the tech industry. I want to understand their daily struggles and learnings, and take this information to my peers and other women who want to walk this path. Purchase tickets for the summit today and join us to celebrate and support women. 

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