Women in Cloud is an ever growing community and a contributing network accelerating societal impact through female tech entrepreneurs with the colossal goal of generating over $1B in global economic access by 2030. 

Since initiation Women in Cloud has been recognised and lauded by various national and international organizations for our effort to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry. A month ago we wrapped up our third annual summit on a spectacular note and response from our attendees and viewers. Our message was clear and our efforts were appreciated. On this note, we are very proud to announce that the Washington State Senate is going to introduce a new bill, S-8697 to recognize the Women in Cloud initiative led by Senator Patty Kuderer of the 48th Legislative District

There already exists a bill in the state senate, bill SR 8602 which recognizes the effort made by the Women in Cloud community and celebrates 25 January as the “Women in Cloud” day. However, the new bill recognizes the community and the international effort we are putting in to ensure and create $1B in economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030. The bill also highlights our Global Expansion Program, focusing on various regions across the USA, United Kingdom, India, France, Canada, Germany, Greece, Africa and UAE. 

The new proclamation will help build and recognize the Women in Cloud Summit 2021 as an international event to empower the women in tech across the world and generate economic opportunities for women. The bill will empower Women in Cloud to open and seal opportunities for female tech entrepreneurs and provide them with access and help them accelerate in their mission. 

We are very proud to share this news with you. The recognition by the Washington State Senate is a sign that our mission is important, we are now stronger than before and our work matters. Our team and community is thankful to the State Senate and Senator Kuderer for this opportunity. 

The hearing took place on February 27 at 9:30am PST – right in time for International Women’s Day.

If you would like to show your commitment to creating economic access for women entrepreneurs in tech, we invite you to take the pledge with us to unlock economic access through procurement and investment vehicles.