When I first started Synergy Technical, the “cloud” was a new concept and perceived as the bleeding edge. Now, eight years later, the cloud is considered mainstream, but unfortunately, there are still too few women in leadership roles running cloud companies. I’m excited about Women in Cloud as an organisation that supports more women in tech leadership and entrepreneurial roles.

Female representation is still far too low in the tech industry, it’s always helpful to have a network of like minded women to reach out to for support. I’m interested in learning about how other female entrepreneurs have been successful, and where they feel they could have done things differently. 

At the Women in Cloud 2020 Summit, I’ll be part of a panel speaking on Data, Insights, and Security. The great thing about panel discussions is that the audience really drives where the discussion goes! I’m excited to connect with the Women in Cloud community. I think there is so much value to be learned from each other and our experiences. I’d like to meet people who are doing innovative things with technology, particularly those that are working with technologies that have a strong social impact. 

Personally, I believe women go through a different journey altogether to become leaders and entrepreneurs as opposed to the traditional male success story we have all heard of. It’s important that we all ensure women work together and share our resources, as well as our success stories to help our own in this industry.

With the variety of business leaders, tech innovators, policy makers gathering for the biggest event for women and cloud tech, there is no place better to develop an idea than Women in Cloud Summit. Purchase tickets today for the summit and be sure to gather the most unique learning experience ever! 

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As a speaker at the Women in Cloud Summit 2020 this year, I bring a unique blend of expertise in human behavior as a licensed psychologist and executive coach and real world experience as a woman in technology having spent the last nearly two decades in technology in business consulting and marketing roles. There is no maximum to women’s potential. I am passionate about equipping women with the emotional intelligence required to go to the next level so there are no limitations to exceed. 

My topic “Increasing your Emotional Intelligence,” is often neglected in the work environment. Emotional Intelligence is an essential key in any profession and more so in the technology industry. During my interactive talk, I will focus on gaining greater self awareness and the core skills of healthy emotional intelligence, understanding and learning how to manage your emotional reactions, improving interpersonal communication and many other elements that promote one to be emotionally intelligent and get to the next level in your business. 

I desire to empower women with a better emotional intelligence to overcome and thrive in every setting they find themselves – from leading teams effectively, growing as a leader, finding their voice, presenting to investors, to balancing work and personal life. Personally, I do not think there is a better community than Women in Cloud where my knowledge and passion can influence action. Women in Cloud has over the years worked to make technology an accessible industry for women and I hope to contribute to that mission with my expertise and experience. 

At a time where change is the only constant, there is no limit to human potential, especially with women! We are at the cusp of inclusive economic transition. Dreams should now be realities by undertaking ACTION. This will take immense courage and resilience to press past any psychological barriers we impose on ourselves and make things happen. 

Success is 80% psychological and 20% actual hard work, and we need to work collectively to ensure we are not getting in our own way. 

This January at the Summit, I look forward to connecting with other executive coaches and Women who need support in improving in personal development, pursuing career coaching, taking on new ventures, growing in leadership skills, finding their “voice,” thinking more strategically, improving in executive presence, and navigating difficult work situations/relationships. Women in Cloud brings hope for the future generation of women entrepreneurs and I only look to learn and contribute to this positive change. Purchase tickets for the summit today, and be a force of change. 

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As a solo-preneur I have worked for years on my own – even as my business grew – there I was on my own – late at night invoicing, booking travel, handling every aspect of marketing, social media and networking (and not always well!). It wasn’t until I began to partner with others – hiring staff, partnering with Foundations and other small business owners did I see how it boosted my business. I realized how much brain power I was missing out on. 

Women in Cloud helps you connect with others, provides mentorship support, and challenges you to clarify your purpose and your value.

As a speaker this year at the Women in Cloud Summit, I will be talking about Partnership and why it should be your #1 priority. How many of you are working tirelessly on your own? 

Maybe you are unsure how to partner with others, or are not getting the full benefit from the partnerships you have. You’re not alone! 

63% of people who want to start their own business, often make the mistake of hiring their friends. Without clear rules of engagement, those experiences will scare you away from partnership. In my talk, I will be sharing key tips about how to form and maintain great partnerships. Together, we’ll be interactively looking at your strategy to build your partner relationships and get the outcomes you desire.

Partnership is also crucial for collective action towards something that is essential to the growth of any business: economic inclusion. Economic inclusion means doing everything you can to pave pathways of opportunity for women to have access to technology and support around the globe. This access to resources, ideas, and leadership will give women the opportunity to participate in the global economy and build the business and partnerships to step into the life they dream of.

This year, I am excited to create a new vision of the future for my Creative Genius tribe and I anticipate Women in Cloud to be a big part of that picture. Purchase tickets and come meet us. The summit is a place with ideas and connections, and I look forward to interacting with everyone who is looking to grab their goals with both hands!

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The idea that business leaders have a responsibility to eliminate biases, speak up for others, and show up for all is a prevailing idea. As a society, we have reached a point for the need for a cultural change. Leaders have recognized this and understand that nothing can be solved without the courage to take a stand and take action. Women in Cloud is a community of leaders and change-makers who are taking a stand for every woman today to ensure an inclusive society tomorrow. 

I am passionate about helping women to be seen and heard as leaders in their field and having the opportunity to share my story that will inspire women to find their courage and stand out in their personal and professional lives. This Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I will be speaking on ‘Permission to Be Courageous and Change Your Story.’ My experience of coaching hundreds of clients, surveying over 100 women for my book ‘One Hundred Hearts’ and my own life story led me to one key ingredient and four actions that will empower women. Courage is the most important element necessary to push past any obstacle and achieve new levels of success in life and work. Women need to give themselves permission to find their courage and change their story in corporate America. 

Women in Cloud is a community of leaders that understand the power of bringing women together and courageously taking a stand. This is a platform that creates a pathway to an inclusive society that will empower every woman to be seen for her full abilities and contributions to their field. I can only say, ‘When we stand together, we can make a change for our future and the world.’ The community has pioneered in ensuring women are given their share in the tech industry. I only hope to inspire more women to find their courage and achieve success and fulfill their potential in a way they never thought possible through my involvement in the community.

This summit will bring together individuals with abilities to influence change under one roof. Purchase tickets for the summit today and meet every single one of them to acquire their knowledge and share your thoughts to ensure progress towards the mission important to us and our future. 

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‘Empowered women empower women’. This is a belief I have held onto for a long time and when Women in Cloud came by, I saw an opportunity to connect, embrace and educate other women in technology, as well as grow as a leader in my own life.

Women in Cloud is an inclusive community that offers opportunities for everybody involved. As a member of the organisation, I hope to involve more women and ensure they have the opportunity to equal economic access in the world of technology. 

This year at the Women in Cloud Summit 2020, I have been invited as a #CloudCommunityConnect Table Facilitator. Since it is the year of ACTION, I will talk about alliances in the cloud era.

‘Two heads are better than one’, it is a universal fact. That rings true in business as well. The market has more than enough opportunities, and if a company wants to grow, they must know how to do it, through alliances and partnerships. I will further include knowing how to conquer the nay-sayers, finding the right partnerships for your organization, using your network to connect, and relationship management tips. 

Collective action means we are all working toward a goal of inclusion, and specifically around economic issues. It is about thinking and motivating leaders to make the change around everyone getting a piece of the pie. Purchase your tickets today to be a part of collective action and economic inclusion!

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