Join us for an exciting Emerging Technology Summit on Business Application Of Generative AI.
The CXO Series for Business Applications of Generative AI is a collection of insights, resources, tools, and insights designed to help business leaders understand and leverage generative AI technologies in their organizations. The series is focused on the CXO level, including CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Women Professionals and Founders who are responsible for setting strategic direction and driving digital transformation initiatives.
The series covers a range of topics related to generative AI, including:

  • An overview of generative AI technologies and their business applications
  • Best practices for implementing generative AI in mid market and enterprise settings
  • Case studies and examples of successful generative AI projects
  • Strategies for managing the ethical and social implications of generative AI
  • Practical advice for building and leading generative AI teams
  • Insights into emerging trends and future developments in generative AI.

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Women in Cloud (WIC), an economic development organization dedicated to advancing economic access for women in tech and tech entrepreneurship worldwide, today unveiled the WICxTop100 B2B Cloud Founder List of global women tech founders.

The #WICxTop100 B2B Cloud SAAS and Services List is a spotlight campaign designed to accelerate brand awareness and sales for women-led tech solutions companies throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

In partnership with Masterfund, Women In Cloud has curated a list of the leading women tech founders developing B2B cloud-powered SAAS solutions and services that address environmental sustainability issues and foster economic and social development.

“Mastersfund invests in tech companies building better ways to live and work together with women at the helm. Women in Cloud is, by far, our most powerful referral source for companies ready to scale. Because of WiC’s focus on amplification of sales, optimization of gross margins through hyperscale opportunities, and sustainability, it is no surprise that Women in Cloud alumni comprise more than forty percent of our portfolio.” said Gillian Muessig, Managing Director of Masterfund.

In addition, Women in Cloud’s Digital Spotlight Series showcases and champions the collective impact of 100 women founders who are building B2B Cloud SaaS and service tech solutions which accelerate innovation and advancing ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the startup companies it serves. Women in Cloud is pleased to acknowledge the partnership support of Boeing, Insight, Accenture and Microsoft in developing the Spotlights.

Chaitra Vedullapalli, President and Co-Founder of Women In Cloud notes, “WiC recognizes that building an effective cloud-based, co-sell GTM strategy is very expensive and labor intensive. Many founders lack the digital marketing experience needed to build and execute a successful strategy. WiC provides the critical support required to get these companies on the road to success.”

Each WICxTop100 founder will receive exclusive access to opportunities and benefits designed to support them in achieving business benchmarks and scaling impact. Benefits include training, networking, and partnership opportunities with corporate hyperscalers looking to support responsible tech solutions as part of their own ESG mandates.

To view the first 50 Women Founders and apply to be considered for the next 50 that will be announced Spring 2023 please visit:

A week away from SXSW.

Women In Cloud leaders are excited to participate at SXSW for the very first time.

Here are some curated activities that are in play and would love to connect with you if you are attending.

Women In Cloud Brunch at The Peacock Mediterranean Grille | Sunday, March 12, 2023 | 11:00 to 1:00PM

Join a curated conversation with business leaders, B2B founders. Also learn about the most exciting things happening in the Cloud and M&E ecosystem. Interested? Request Invite.

Google Cloud Startups – SXSW Community Day | March 13, Monday, 2023 | 3pm to 7PM

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Black Founders Meetup | Friday, March 10, 2023 | 12:40 – 1:15 PM

Inc. welcomes Black founders, investors, business leaders, and allies, hosted by Brian Brackeen of Lightship Capital. Interested? Click here.

CPG Founders Meetup | Saturday, March 11, 2023 | 11:10  – 11:55 AM

Join entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and supporters of founders in the CPG and retail spaces, hosted by Michael Walters of studio503, and Colin McGuire of Boomn. Interested? Click here.

Female Founders Meetup | Monday, March 13, 2023 | 12:40 – 1:15 PM

Join female founders and friends at the Female Founders meetup, hosted by the Female Founder Collective.  Interested? Click here.

SXSW Female Founder House – hosted by Renzoe Box! | March11, Saturday, 2023 | 11-3PM

Interested? Click here.

Reach out to Chaitra Vedullapalli via Linkedin. DM for more information.