This year, Women in Cloud is achieving yet another milestone.

As we go through our second year of the global pandemic, everything is set for the upcoming edition of the #WICxAnnualSummit—and we couldn’t be happier!

The 2021 edition paved the road with collective power. Now, we’re heading towards a new chapter for #WomenInCloud by honoring the fantastic milestones and achievements of women tech founders, entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven leaders of the tech industry—and celebrating the tremendous impact of their collective influence. And that’s precisely the theme for 2022’s Annual Summit.

From January 26th – 28th, it will be the time to celebrate as a collective. For three days, we will count on the participation of powerful voices from our community. We will be discussing how we address current and relevant topics such as AI, gender inclusivity, job creation, workforce development, and the acceleration of the entrepreneur spirit in each of us.

Hear and Learn From Our Speakers and Top Leaders of the Industry

Just as in past editions, we will count on the participation of the top leaders of the tech industry, such as Joyce Mullen (CEO, Insight), Vinita Gupta (Ex-CEO, Digital Link Corporation), Gillian Muessig (CEO, MastersFund), Sonya Shorey (VP, Invest Ottawa), and more. Discover how they impact leadership and advancements in the industry and entrepreneurship globally, achieve new milestones for a more inclusive workspace, and address economic access and gender parity experience.

Together, We Can Create a Positive Impact

We are a collective of women worldwide who are determined to achieve great things through the power of collective influence—but, more importantly, we want to empower every one of you to get involved, transform finite access to growth and influence into infinite access, and generate $1B in net new global economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030.

Grow Personally and Professionally

Build up your skills with our bootcamps and hands-on labs. Participate in the immersive experiences and get access to downloadable resources, lives exercises, and hands-on training by industry experts.

Join this year’s bootcamp: #TechProfessional, #FindYourFit, #ThoughtLeadership, and #CloudFounders.

Unlock new results and make a difference!

It’s an Excellent Opportunity to Meet Industry Leaders

Connect and learn from industry leaders, sponsors, and speakers at the roundtable sessions. Receive advice and mentorship that will accelerate your vision towards leadership training, skill-building, internship readiness, networking, and more!

Explore New Job Opportunities

Networking is one of the best ways to achieve your career goals—what a better way of connecting with big tech companies, leaders, and colleagues than sharing experiences in the same (virtual) room!


We can’t wait to have you with us at the #WICxAnnualSummit 2022.

You can participate as an attendee—or you and your company can become a sponsor to get involved and actively participate in the event!

It’s the season of giving for everyone, we have an opportunity to pay forward the prosperity and access that we are blessed with. 

In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on women in India, Women in Cloud launched the #empowHERfamily initiative in August 2021. The purpose of this cross-sector economic relief initiative is to empower 1M women in India to have an effective future by curating actionable digital solutions to provide economic relief. 

One of the campaign’s initial successes was the launch of digital skilling efforts in partnership with Microsoft, Coursera, RV College of Engineering and IAMCP to create access to cloud jobs and opportunities.

During this holiday season, Women in Cloud and Indiaspora partnered with Give India to help to raise $1M to distribute as direct cash assistance to 2,500 women who lost the primary bread-winner in their families due to Covid-19. Funds raised will be used to provide direct cash assistance to affected women in India through GiveIndia and their network of on-the-ground nonprofit partners.  

This giving season, can we count on you to support Women in India displaced by Covid-19 with a simple gift?

You can make a difference by joining us in one of three ways:

  • Donate – Can we count on you to contribute $100, $250 or $500 towards achieving our collective goal? It only takes a few minutes to change 2,500 lives.
  • Sign up to become a volunteer to serve in a variety of roles — from business mentors to local community advocates. Get recognized as an Influential Cloud Advisor and transform their careers through the power of collective access and action.
  • Invite and inspire your professional and personal communities to join you in this cause, by sharing with your professional and personal networks.

The enthusiasm and support of our community is inspiring. The #empowHERfamily initiative is galvanizing corporate and community partners in the U.S. to raise funds to support women in India. The Corporate campaign helped raise $40,000, and we’re excited to partner with Indiaspora and GiveIndia to launch a community campaign with a goal to raise $1 million to provide direct cash assistance to women who have lost the primary breadwinner in their families due to COVID-19.   

We want to acknowledge our deepest gratitude to Vasu Jakkal, Christine Puccio, Karen Fassio, Karen Cone, Rajiv Kapoor, Barry Russell, Michelle Pruitt, Ram Dutt, Pradhyna Desh, Maria Defante, Debbie Uttech and Tejas Dixit who helped us establish $30K Match Fund to accelerate economic relief for women.  In addition, we  are deeply grateful to our community partners Indiaspora, Restart Partners, International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners, GiveIndia, Women in Technology Network, and Microsoft Alumni Network who are supporting us to accomplish the bold goal of helping 2,500 women in India who lost the primary bread-earners in their families and were pushed to the brink of poverty due to COVID-19. 

An act of Charity bestows many benefits for the giver – it develops an attitude of service; expands the heart, and fosters the sentiment of compassion for others. Will you take this opportunity to give to women like Ninghoih and Mankhanching who are struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19, and spread light in their lives this giving season? 

Change a life today. Click here to Donate Now