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Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Global Expansion

Women in Cloud was founded with a massive mission: to take action and form partnerships to help 1,000 women entrepreneurs create $1 billion in economic opportunity by 2030.

Having already found unprecedented success in the US, Women in Cloud has vigorously pushed for global expansion. We want to take our successful community-led network and bring opportunities for economic access and gender parity across the world.

To accomplish this, we’ll be working with corporations, community leaders, and policy makers to bring educational and accelerator programs, summits and events, legislative and policy changes, and economic support to women tech entrepreneurs.

Here’s the list of locations we’ll be expanding into by the spring of 2021:










Global Expansion Cloud Accelerator Local Board Positions

Each country was selected based on many factors including:

  • Rate of cloud adoption
  • Presence of Cloud hyperscalers
  • Presence of female entrepreneurship (typically based on the global female entrepreneurship index)
  • Policy makers currently investing in entrepreneurship and economic empowerment
  • Opportunities to create impact in billions via co-selling with hyperscalers
  • As well as gaining strategic access to windows that allow us to spread into neighboring countries and across each continent.

To accomplish this, we’ll be enlisting influential community leaders in each country to form a Women in Cloud board with experience in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurial Experience in Tech
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Relationships
  • Public Policy Advancements
  • Community Development
  • Go-To-Market with Cloud Hyperscalers
  • Board Development

Women are already and will continue to be at the forefront to shape and drive economies around the world, so we are making it our mission to bring education & skill building along with community building to ensure economic development.

Apply today to be considered for a local board position & make an impact!

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